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Psychology at Work, University of Western Australia

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We can spend up to a third of our time at work. It is fair to say work is a highly significant part of our lives. How do we find a job that suits us? How do we carry out our work in a productive way? How do we keep ourselves motivated and engaged at work? How can we effectively design work for other people? If you have been thinking about at least some of these questions, then this course is for you. In this course, you will learn how to use psychology to understand and improve the work life of yourself and those around you. We will be looking at key topic areas in work psychology that affect people's performance and well-being at work, including: individual differences in personality and cognitive ability; motivation at work; teamwork; leadership; work design and occupational health and safety. Collectively, these topics give you a broad understanding about work psychology both from an individual perspective and from a group-based and organisational perspective. Each week, you will meet one or two world-leading professors in the field of work psychology. The professors will take you through the journey by introducing current theories and research evidence in respective topic areas. You will have lots of opportunities to engage in self-reflections and group discussions; you will also be given several self-assessments that help you understand your own psychological attributes and work characteristics. An important note so that you are aware of the level of this course. This course is designed for anyone who has interest in Work / Organisational Psychology yet who has NOT completed formal training in Psychology. This is a foundational course that will introduce you to a number of key topics in Work Psychology so that you will understand this area of research and practice, and how you can apply some of the theories and findings into your own work life. This course is NOT designed for people who already have completed substantial formal studies or training in Work Psychology-related areas, such as leadership training. If you have done so, you will likely find this course less suitable for your level, and you might want to consider a more advanced Work Psychology course. Welcome to Psychology at Work and we wish you all the best in this learning journey!...


创建者 MB

Apr 07, 2018

I've learned a lot about the things that managers should be aware of and have in mind when managing people: from workplace design to working in teams and making sure everyone is safe at the workplace.

创建者 GH

May 22, 2018

All my life I have a very important connection with the work world. I apprecieted to much this important course and they consider I could be a Mentor in the field. THANKS VERY MUCH


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Dec 06, 2018

Excellent Course

创建者 Raul Narciso Carvalho Guedes

Dec 01, 2018

Good content and outstanding instructors and format. My only suggestion is to make the slides avaliable (on provide class-notes). Cheers, and thank you!

创建者 Jaria

Nov 21, 2018

short so it doesn't make you feel bored and catches a focused attention.

explanations easy to understanding

quizzes revises what we learnt

Suggestion: need more quiz like 2 per module and at the end of two modules another one that includes questions from module 1 in this way will remember what we learnt

创建者 Prakash Prabhu G

Nov 12, 2018

superb course, very relevant for HR professionals.

创建者 Sanat Gavankar

Oct 23, 2018

Very Practical and Updated material that is useful and applicable in day to day administration in new age organizations.

创建者 Refiya Turner

Oct 15, 2018

great course

创建者 Neil Sheridan

Oct 09, 2018

Absolutely brilliant course - very succinct - covers key topics simply and quickly and provides significant relevant reading links. I have completed significant post grad studies and this is up there with my most enjoyable units - highly recommended


Oct 07, 2018

Very inspiring and and eye opener course.

创建者 David Armah

Sep 25, 2018























to study..

创建者 Suzi Perryman

Sep 24, 2018

Great course, easy to understand and very interesting