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WRITE YOUR FIRST NOVEL From - The 30 Most Popular Online Courses of 2020 "Write Your First Novel" made the list at #15 If you’ve ever had the dream, the desire or even just a vague notion that you would like to write a novel, this course is for you. Whether you are a full-time student, have a full-time job, a family to take care of or all of the above, you can do it. Really! And I will help you get there. In this Course, you will write your first novel. Many people say they have often thought about writing a novel and are planning to do it someday, but very few ever actually do. However, in this course, you will do it. You will learn how to form a basic idea, any idea, into a structure and discipline that will allow you to create, write and complete a fully-realized novel ready to submit for publication. If you have any concerns regarding the protection of your original work, Coursera's privacy policy protects the learner's IP and you are indeed the sole owners of your work. Here is a link to a trailer for the course. To view the trailer, please copy and paste the link into your browser. Learner review: "It was a great experience, I really enjoyed it." In Write Your First Novel, you’ll learn to break down your creative endeavor into components and you’ll discover a process that will allow you to do what few have done: produce and complete a full-length work of fiction in the form of a 50,000-word novel. Learner Review: "You teach storytelling like no other teacher. I cannot put in words how much I appreciate it. This daily writing, and the product that comes with it, have been a great mental support during the pandemic time. Art is a support for life, as Stephen King said, and thanks to you I experienced it first-hand during this time. I think I will keep writing 500 words per night for the rest of my life. I owe it to you. You taught me how to write a novel, and it works every time. Huge thanks, and wishing you all the best." I am a proponent of experiential learning (also known as active learning). My lectures are short and to the point, designed in a step-by-step process essential to your success as a writer. I will guide you, I will show you how to get there, hopefully I will inspire you. You will learn through your own activity - which is writing! I firmly believe that the only way to become a writer is to write, write, write! Learner review: "As a published author, I took this course to relearn the skills. I thoroughly enjoyed each and every lecture and quiz. This course was very, very helpful and the videos were very well executed. Cheers!" Writing fiction is a truly beautiful thing. Putting your own words on a page to tell a story which enters your readers minds and allows them to share the thoughts, emotions and lives of your characters is a very satisfying, rewarding experience. Learner review: "BEST TEACHER EVER! LOVE THE COURSE."...


May 1, 2020

This course helped me as a writer because of the teacher. He was not a quick talker, but he was not a slow talker. He was very understanding. I really would love to get teached by him again.

Jun 22, 2021

an excellent course for the fledgling writer. Broken down into manageable weekly targets and teaches that focus and organisation really help towards achieving that dream.


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创建者 Gemma T

Aug 31, 2021

T​he course it's been really disappointing... I put long reviews to my peers, giving as much constructive feedback as I can and in exchange I get really short 'well done' 'good' or nothing at all. Still waiting for a review on chapter 2 which I published more than a week ago and for chapter 1 just two short ones that don't help me at all. I think the algorith should not allow short reviews as people do it to just get them done but not really read your work. And also make sure everybody is going to get at least 5 as we are forced to give 5 also... The creation of groups is a disaster, there is no way to do it via the platform... why? People ar not constant at all via email which is really frustrating and a waste of time :( Leaving the course because it's not providing what I expected. A shame.

创建者 Andrew M

Apr 6, 2021

This course is a fantastic idea. I have studied half a dozen creative writing courses, such as by Iowa Uni, but this takes the urge to write to the next logical step. Given the availability of self publishing it has the potential to take amateur enthusiasts forward to taking that step. BUT, a course with no content has no value. The premise of this course is that the mentor just needs to encourage, and the resulting motivation, discipline of daily writing, and feedback from peers will do the rest. This is huge contrast to the teaching, assignments, literature references and community discussions on courses such as that on compiler writing. It is not explained by any difference between creative and technological courses. Worse, it fails as an approach as the peer review is beyond poor, unstructured and often not timely. The approach taken by the course is just as haphazard as, say, uploading text to WattPad and hoping for the best. The practical problems with the course are: a) APPALLINGLY BAD, VERY THIN ON THE GROUND, UNSTRUCTURED FEEDBACK, EG, "Seems good, nothing to add" b) No way to correspond directly with those providing feedback c) no way to edit or correct chapter submissions d) no way to correct formatting errors when you cut and paste text for submissions e) No way to control the selection of work you get to review or follow chapter by chapter those you have reviewed earlier (other than pop luck) f) No help setting up groups or support for those in groups that fail f) No practical guidance other than have a beginning middle and end and stick to 500 words a day g) The discussion fora are mostly about frustration and confusion. Where is the tutor intervention and feedback? I joined a Slack group in Week 1. It was closed down by its administrator before Week 2 as she told me that one or more of the others in the group had no work ethic, could not take positive criticism and were rude and insulting. I doubt this was an isolated incident. I have completed 30+ reviews in the first few weeks, and excepting non sensical or blank submissions, I have tried to write several paragraphs in feedback covering impressions, my personal response and ideas relevant to a better experience for the generic reader. I get a trickle of reviews on my own work, only two out of, say, ten have offered anything useful. Most are one or two sentences. Overall, to date I am hugely disappointed by this wasted opportunity. If I were paying to get a certificate, I would be angry.

创建者 Cherry B

Jan 27, 2021

This made me realize how much potential i really do have in writing and it made me find out that I love writing and reading books.

创建者 Muhsina K I

Oct 10, 2020

A wonderful course. Received writing tips from a very talented instructor. Thank you so much sir.

创建者 Yassine O

Jun 20, 2021

I really enjoyed while I was watching those useful videos <3 many thanks

创建者 Meghann M

Dec 7, 2020

Great course to get you to the end of your first novel. The platform is a little frustrating sometimes. But, if you stick to it, and write every WILL have a finished book at the end of the course! (Albeit unedited, of course.) :) I highly recommend this class to anyone struggling to finish a project. Thank you!

创建者 Shenyce S

Jun 10, 2021

Nice course. David was great but would have been better to let the lecturer edit people chapters better. Instead of always getting feedback from group. It was not always good but discouraging.

创建者 Jennifer A P D

Jan 22, 2021

I would prefer the professor to review my writings during the course.

创建者 Anwita P

Apr 28, 2020

It was a great experience ,I really enjoyed it.

创建者 Crystal V D A

Oct 14, 2020

I thought the professor provided great insights and education surrounding the writing process. I ended up un-enrolling from the course due to the lack of in-depth feedback. The only feedback given is peer-review and unfortunately most reviews were very short and unhelpful. I have chosen to seek a writing group outside of Coursera

创建者 Malcolm ( M L

Feb 9, 2021

This is without doubt the best course I have ever taken. It excels in pedagogy, content and collegial form. My only regret is that I didn't come to it 15-years ago at the start of my lectureship career at University; it would have changed my teaching methodology and probably made me a better person!


创建者 JLI

Apr 13, 2021

I achieved a lifelong dream of writing a novel and now, after taking this course, I have in my hands the first draft. I highly recommend the course because it keeps you on track and provides good tips and suggestions along the way.

创建者 Sharanjit K

Nov 20, 2021

I really learnt a lot. Sir you have inspired me to write. The course is so good can make any one a good writer. Thank You for sharing all the information

创建者 Hailu W O

Jul 27, 2020

I loved this course. It helped me write a wonderful novel titled King Aiko The Japanese - the first and last king in Africa.

创建者 Shibani S

Jul 3, 2021

A​ must do course if you truly aspire to become a good writer or an author.

K​udos to David Wheeler!

创建者 Dilara P

Jul 21, 2021

This course helped me write my first novel- in a matter of 7 months. I am so proud and so happy.

创建者 Edupreneur / E

Apr 16, 2021

My Gratitude and thanks to Mr. David Wheeler,

You are genuine master writers psychology.

创建者 M k

Jul 4, 2021

I am very happy to complete this course. It was very helpful and interesting.

创建者 mehak s

Feb 10, 2021

It was such a great experience and would definitely take some other courses.

创建者 Leslie L

Jul 17, 2021

This course will help you develop the discipline needed to write a novel

创建者 Nur U

Dec 30, 2020

Gerçekten çok başarılı bir kurs ve katıldığım için çok mutluyum.

创建者 Stacey M

Jan 1, 2022

This is a really great course.

创建者 Elizabeth L

Dec 12, 2021

i​ love writing my first novel

创建者 Dina H

Sep 17, 2021

Best course. Best professor.

创建者 Harsha V

Aug 10, 2021

Absolutely Enriching!