4. Older residential communities - Interview

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This week highlights the planning and design principles for an age-friendly environment for housing, retirement communities and health care settings. We showcase information technology software, such as mapping and data visualisation to identify population trends and make evidence-based projections. Associate Professor Clare Newton and Professor Alan Pert want you to ask 'What next? What if?' when it comes to the role of the built environment for the health and wellbeing of an ageing population. For example, to consider how the design of hospitals might change so that they are extended into communities and bring the hospital to the patient rather than the patient to the hospital. We also take an alternative approach with the traditional power point lectures in the fourth video, and have Professor Alan Pert interview architect Allen Kong about his work in designing for older residential communities. In the last two video presentations Dr Jack Barton from the Australian Urban Research Infrastructure Network (AURIN) shows you how to use freely available data sets to map data in order to address a number of issues that face an older population.

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