Exact Pattern Matching

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Congratulations, you have now learned the key pattern matching concepts: tries, suffix trees, suffix arrays and even the Burrows-Wheeler transform! However, some of the results Pavel mentioned remain mysterious: e.g., how can we perform exact pattern matching in O(|Text|) time rather than in O(|Text|*|Pattern|) time as in the naïve brute force algorithm? How can it be that matching a 1000-nucleotide pattern against the human genome is nearly as fast as matching a 3-nucleotide pattern??? Also, even though Pavel showed how to quickly construct the suffix array given the suffix tree, he has not revealed the magic behind the fast algorithms for the suffix tree construction!In this module, Miсhael will address some algorithmic challenges that Pavel tried to hide from you :) such as the Knuth-Morris-Pratt algorithm for exact pattern matching and more efficient algorithms for suffix tree and suffix array construction.

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