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<p>Welcome to week 4, the final week of Managing Big Data with MySQL! This week you will practice integrating the SQL syntax you’ve learn so far into queries that address analysis questions typical of those you will complete as a business data analyst.</p> <p>By the end of the week, you will be able to:</p><ul><li>Design and execute subqueries</li><li>Introduce logical conditions into your queries using IF and CASE statements</li><li>Implement analyses that accommodate missing data or data mistakes, and</li><li>Write complex queries that incorporate many tables and clauses.</li></ul><p>By the end of this week you will feel confident claiming that you know how to write SQL queries to create business value. Due to the extensive nature of the queries we will practice this week, we have put the graded quiz that tests your understanding of the SQL strategies you will practice in its own week rather than including it in this week’s materials. </p> <p>Make sure to complete both the MySQL exercises and the Teradata exercises, and we strongly encourage you to use the course Discussions to help each other with questions. </p><p>To get started, please begin with the video 'Welcome to Week 4.’</p><p>I hope you enjoy this week’s materials!</p>

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