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As in most ancient societies, knowledge and education are reserved for elites. (The situation is not so different today.) This week we will see how the biblical authors depart radically from this principle. The Bible can be understood, Dr. Wright will suggest, as an educational curriculum for the nation. It fosters a broad national consciousness and mobilizes a people after the defeat of the state.Closely related to the Bible’s educational ideals, we will learn how the biblical authors promote a principle of “open access.” They make divine knowledge, rules, regulations publicly available so that the people as a whole can hold in check the power of their leaders. Upon completion of this module, learners will be able to: 1) Identify the distinctive qualities of biblical prophetic and priestly literature, 2) Explain how the Bible may be understood as an educational curriculum for the people as a whole, and 3) Compare the Bible to other pedagogical reforms.

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