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Planning is a critical part of the business development process. The planning required by the 'New Business Paradigm' requires a different perspective and processing than what is traditionally thought of as planning. It seeks continual discovery as opposed to a static right solution. Learning Goals: Steve Jobs famously said, "Think Different". He wasn't just referring to what you think, but also how you think. After successfully completing this module, you will be able to do the following. 1) You will be capable of thinking differently with respect to planning. 2) You will be able to provide a rationale for this different way of thinking based on your understanding of its conceptual foundations. 3) After reviewing several illustrative examples for this type of planning, and illustrative examples of its execution you will move towards mastering the principles of this new planning process. Note! Mastering the principles that underlie this planning approach is a 'profession skill' required for all professionals, not just entrepreneurs in our new economy.

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