Proofing Problem: Co-creation Continued

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The ultimate goal of any business, in fact the only goal is to create a customer. First and foremost in creating a customer is to create value. This lesson the nature of the value you have identified for your business and how it is expressed in a value proposition. After successfully completing this module, you will be able to do the following. 1. Dissect the problem you are trying to address in the market place into three categories: jobs or tasks the prospective customer is trying to achieve; the gains or benefits they seek in through those jobs or tasks; and the pains they are trying to relieve through those jobs or tasks, or the pains they endure in trying to perform those jobs or tasks. 2. Be able to compose a value proposition statement identifying what you believe to be the critical jobs, gains, or pains prospective customers will be willing to pay for. 3. Be able to test and validate that the jobs, gains, and/or pains you have identified are in fact the one most important to prospective customers, and that they are willing to pay for them. 4. Be able to make a compelling argument for why a prospective customer should in fact be your customer through your composition of this validated value proposition statement.

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