Introduction to the Immune System

Welcome to this first module of the course! We will answer important questions before transplantation. These include: why is transplantation the preferred option for patients with end stage renal disease? What are the immunological barriers for transplantation? And what are the selection criteria before transplantation? Unique 3D movies about the different immunological tests will help you to understand the concepts. There are also optional lectures, including a fascinating movie about the Eurotransplant allocation system and patient/donor interviews. At the end of the module we will link the contents you have learned to clinical patient cases, patient - donor interviews and a quiz. You can find each other on the discussion forum. With the e-tivities you can apply your knowledge. In the honors lessons more in depth immunological testing and pre transplant screening can be obtained. The lesson also includes peer reviews about important preclinical questions. Have fun and good luck with the first module!

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