Reconstructing a Solution

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Competitive Programmer's Core Skills
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Saint Petersburg State University
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Dynamic Programming


  • Alexander S. Kulikov
    Alexander S. Kulikov
    Visiting Professor
    Department of Computer Science and Engineering
  • Alexander Logunov
    Alexander Logunov
    Competitive Programming Co-coach at SPbSU
  • Kirill Simonov
    Kirill Simonov
    Competitive Programming Co-Coach
  • Aliaksei Tolstsikau
    Aliaksei Tolstsikau
    Senior lecturer
    Faculty of applied mathematics and computer science, Belarusian State University Academic programs coordinator, Yandex, Judge of Belarusian olympiad in Informatics. Judge of Western subregional contest of Northern Eurasia. ICPC World finalist (2010), Topcoder collegiate challenge finalist (2007), Google code jam finalist (2008).