Hay and Silage, Part 1

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This week you will learn about feeds commonly fed to dairy cows and feed processing. We will first discuss the feeding characteristics of forages such as corn silage, alfalfa haylage, grass and small grain silages, will then move to concentrate feeds that provide energy or protein in a dairy ration, and at the end will discuss feed additives. You will also learn about the most important factors in making high quality hay and silage for dairy cows. The final lecture of this week will introduce you to processing methods designed to increase the nutritive value of forages, the importance of particle size and effective fiber in dairy rations, and most common processing methods for cereal grains and oilseeds. At the end, we will discuss how to read and understand forage analysis reports. Those of you, who would like to get more engaged in discussions and are interested in completing the Course Certificate requirements, can participate in discussion forums and take the weekly quiz. Enjoy this week's material and the entire course!

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