Lesson 1 - The role of probability in inference

This session starts where the Data Management and Visualization course left off. Now that you have selected a data set and research question, managed your variables of interest and visualized their relationship graphically, we are ready to test those relationships statistically. The first group of videos describe the process of hypothesis testing which you will use throughout this course to test relationships between different kinds of variables (quantitative and categorical). Next, we show you how to test hypotheses in the context of Analysis of Variance (when you have one quantitative variable and one categorical variable). Your task will be to write a program that manages any additional variables you may need and runs and interprets an Analysis of Variance test. Note that if your research question does not include one quantitative variable, you can use one from your data set just to get some practice with the tool. If your research question does not include a categorical variable, you can categorize one that is quantitative.

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