Assessing Predictive Accuracy Using Cross-Validation

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This week you will perform some predictive analytics tasks, including classifying loans and predicting losses from defaulted loans. You will try a variety of tools and techniques this week, as the predictive accuracy of different tools can vary quite a bit. It is rarely the case that the default model produced by ASP is the best model possible. Therefore, it is important for you to tune the different models in order to improve the performance.This week’s assignments require you to build predictive models for both classification and regression tasks. <p> Before working on the assignments, you may review a few videos to remind yourself several important concepts, such as cross validation. These concepts are discussed in the videos Cross Validation and Confusion Matrix and Assessing Predictive Accuracy Using Cross-Validation. You may also find a refresher on XLMiner useful. The videos Building Logistic Regression Models using XLMiner and How to Build a Model using XLMiner discuss how to build logistic regression and linear regression models. Depending on your needs, you may also go back to the videos that discuss how to build trees and neural networks. </p>

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