Introduction to VerilUOC_Desktop (II). BoolMin and VerilChart

<b><font size=4 color=#B22222><b>Click on "v More" to read the purpose of this module</b></font> </b><br/><br/>From this week you will need to use VerilUOC_Desktop to do some of the exercises in the quizzes. VerilUOC_Desktop is a software package based on Logisim, enhanced with a number of modules to enable:<ul><li>Enter Boolean equations (BoolMin),</li><li>Enter digital circuits and check them according the problem statement (VerilCirc), and</li><li>Enter chronograms (time-charts) and check that they are correct (VerilChart).</li></ul>This section contains two videos explaining how these three tools work. By now you only need to use VerilCirc and BoolMin, so if you are pushed for time, you might postpone VerilChart for later. Obviously, it is impossible to cover in these two videos all eventualities you can find while working with VerilUOC_Desktop tools. In case of doubt, look at the VerilUOC_Desktop wiki, look at the FAQs or post your problems in the forums. There are specific forums for VerilCirc, BoolMin and VerilChart.


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