Reducing Waste in Diagnostic Testing (Part 3)

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Waste is a huge problem in modern health care. It has been estimated that 30-60% of all that we do is wasteful and is not of value. Lean has categorized 8 forms of waste allowing everyone on the front lines to recognize waste and work to remove it. 5S is a very helpful tool that can be used early in the implementation of lean and can remove clutter and quickly improve efficiency. A major form of waste is the excessive use of diagnostic tests, as well as delayed or missed diagnosis. In this session you will be introduced to the 8 forms of waste, the use of 5S, how illness scripts can be used to create a tiered diagnostic list, and how Bayes Theorem can be used to select the highest yield tests. Using this approach diagnosticians can more quickly and cost effectively arrive at diagnoses. Waste is the foundation of Lean and by removing waste we can progressively increase the value of patient care.

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