3.1. Confidence in genius in general and in your own genius in particular

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This week explores on the first dimension of creative life : Genius. The topic is discussed in three chapters: 1. Am I genius? (intonational stress on the word “GENIUS”), 2. I, a genius? (intonational stress on the word “I”), 3. I am a genius! (inspiring statement) We will study phenomenology of genius, doubts about genius, and misbeliefs. We will explore on the concept of genius not only around us, in the world, but of our own genius, the genius we fulfil in ourselves. You will find the answer to the question: “Could it be true that I am a genius?” The third chapter “I am a genius!” concludes the formal examination of genius as a mode of intensive creative life and invites you to focus on confidence in genius, on its assertion rather than on doubts, as we suggest in first two chapters. Knowing all that you will be ready to start practicing genius in your daily life.

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