25 - Nee-Kofi Mould-Millman - Caring for Yourself, Part II

You've now been educated in the nuances of global health, and it's time to get involved. We've pulled a crack team of travel experts to give you all the tips you need to stay healthy and thriving as a global health responder. Dr. Tracy Cushing is going to open her go-bag backpack and show you the high yield tools that every traveler should consider. Dr. Chris Davis and Dr. Mould-Millman will clarify just what dangers exist and how to protect yourself when leaving your home country, and Dr. Ryan Paterson returns to explain how a warming planet is changing the risk profile for infectious disease. Be sure to tune in for a final wrap-up from Dr. Jay Lemery at the end of the week, when he'll impart some parting thoughts and next steps for you in the world of global health.


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