4.3 Writing Effective Emails

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如期维持业务或管理项目需要规划。这规划需要将信息组织成轻便的小套装信息,比如现况报告和电子邮件。因此,在执行规划、组织和委派时会高度专注于现况报告和电子邮件这两种文件所使用的语言。学完本单元之后,你将会运用简明的语言把大篇的重要信息总结成较小的套装文件。 Keeping the business or project running as projected requires planning. This requires information to be organized in convenient packages, like status reports and emails. Planning, Organizing, and Delegating focuses on the language of both. After completing this module, you’ll be able to use concise language to summarize key pieces of information into smaller packages.

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