1.2.1 Challenges in the Management and Protection of Transboundary Water Resources - Professor Laurence Boisson de Chazournes, Faculty of Law, University of Geneva

With around two hundred and seventy-six (276) rivers and lakes and a large number of groundwater shared by two or more States, there is an increasing level of interest in the importance of international law in this area. This introductory module is designed to highlight how international regulation is fundamental to achieving a harmonious and peaceful management of these essential resources. It outlines the various issues and challenges related to the management and protection of water resources. Whilst emphasis is placed on the factors that can lead to conflict, the module will also show how water can be considered as an instrument of peace and cooperation among States. Within this context, the benefits of cooperation between States over transboundary freshwater are examined. We will also analyse the different uses linked to water resources and the relationships that exist between them. The module will be concluded by a quiz worth 15% of the final mark. You must have at least 80% of the answers correct to pass the module.

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