2.2 VSA

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After completing Video 2.1 successfully, you will be able to explain marketing strategy basics and avoid marketing myopia. You will also be able to use the VSA framework tool in order to find weak signals and help your company survive market tsunamis. Next, in Video 2.3 you will learn a key concept called "Transing" which is a strategy for coping with change in the corporate environment. We apply "Transing" not only to brands, such as Starbucks, but also to individuals, such as Professor Dae Ryun Chang to illustrate how we can transition when aspiring for loftier long term goals. Transing then sets you up for Video 2.4 and the core concept of Cross Industry Innovation -how companies can source ideas or expand into different industries. In the last two videos, you are given the opportunity to hear from two experts in the field: (1) Mr. Siwan Ryu discusses how Mosquito Away, a major new product was developed at LG Electronics with cross-disciplinary collaboration and (2) Ms. Hye-Won Lee talks about how Swarovski's new product ideas such as wearable jewelry was sourced from other industries.

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