What Are Learning Disorders?

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Managing ADHD, Autism, Learning Disabilities, and Concussion in School
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课程 2(共 4 门,Specialization School Health for Children and Adolescents
Learning Disabilities


  • Eve Kutchman
    Eve Kutchman
    Strategist, Exercise Psychologist
    Child Health Advocacy Institute and Lifestyle Medicine
  • Lauren Welch
    Lauren Welch
    Pediatric Resident Physician
    Department of Pediatrics
  • Karen Hecker
    Karen Hecker
    Nurse Consultant, Clinical Nurse III
    School Health and Child Health Advocacy Institute
  • Daniel Nicklas
    Daniel Nicklas
    Assistant Professor, Director of Primary Care Education for the Pediatrics Residency, Co-medical Director for the Pediatric Call Center
    Department of Pediatrics