Emotional Modulators: Color, Language, and Other Design Elements

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You’ve gathered your data from qualitative and quantitative market research. Where do you go from there? At this stage, you will need to synthesize your findings and derive valid and actionable insights that will help to solve the business problem. In this module, you will be able to find the story in the data and shape it to contribute to a compelling market research presentation. You will be able to synthesize the data, select the appropriate tools to analyze your product or service and determine how consumers view your market. You'll be able to evaluate Market Positioning and Market Segmentation; you will see how to use Conjoint Analysis to compare the relative value of product features or attributes, and Perceptual Maps to help tell the story of consumers in your market and provide actionable comparisons. You will also define terminology and essential concepts that will equip you to be conversant and more confident in the market research field.

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