Malaria: Vectors - Dr. Johnson Matowo

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We are excited to begin our Protozoa cluster, focusing on malaria, trypanosomiasis, toxoplasmosis, and leishmaniasis. Despite advances in prevention and treatment, protozoal diseases contribute substantially to the global burden of morbidity and mortality. This cluster has a total of 153 minutes of video and 85 pages of reading spread out over the four lessons. Each lesson has all of the readings, lectures, and additional materials to help you understand the topic. You will have unlimited opportunities to take an untimed quiz after you’ve mastered the material in each lesson, and you have four quizzes to complete in this cluster. (Note: this cluster includes a case study practice quiz, ungraded, which is optional). This cluster kicks off with a close look at malaria vectors and the fascinating research being done on diagnosing, treating, and vaccinating against malaria. This is by far the largest cluster in the course, so you have up to 3 weeks to complete this cluster.

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