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Welcome to module 6: Exercise and Arthritis. Do you or someone you know have aches and pains in your joints because of arthritis? Did know that exercise is good for you especially if you have arthritis? In this module we will guide you through some of the facts about arthritis and about why exercise is so important for keeping you healthy especially if you have arthritis. Leslie Soever, a physiotherapist with expertise in arthritis will tell you more about this in her video. But before you meet Leslie, we will ask you to do a quiz to see what you already know about arthritis. After you listen to Leslie’s talk, we will get you to complete a scavenger hunt to find exercise recommendations on specific arthritis websites. This will hopefully get you more familiar with these guidelines. Finally, at the end of this module we’ll quiz you again about your knowledge of exercise for people with arthritis, and especially about the role of a physiotherapist in helping people with arthritis to exercise.

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