Nothing Moves Without a Vision - video 2

A science has laws and rules. But art has no laws or rules. In fact, art is about breaking the rules, to create wonderful new works. Innovation is an art, not a science; it is about breaking the rules intelligently, to create value through novel, useful ideas. The best way to learn the art of innovation, or indeed to learn any art, is from those who have mastered it at the highest level and are willing and able to share their wisdom. In this course, a master innovator, Dadi Perlmutter, shares with Coursera learners what he has learned during 34 years of world-changing innovation at Intel Corp., where he served until recently as Executive Vice President. Perlmutter summarizes over three decades of innovation in ten key lessons, recounted in conversation with Prof. Shlomo Maital. Our hope is that these ten lessons will significantly improve your chances of success as an entrepreneur. At the end of this module you will be able to analyze situations of failure and success, and to draw conclusions for future situations.

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