Watch: Introduction to the Cycle Part 3 - Example from the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

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Welcome! This first week you will be introduced to the course structure and learn the key principles of the Cycle, a management theory which supports thriving arts and cultural organizations and which serves as the framework for the course. The Cycle proposes that: When bold art is marketed aggressively, an organization attracts a family of energized ticket-buyers and patrons. The income produced by this family is reinvested in more art that, when marketed well, builds a larger, even more diverse family. When this cycle repeats year after year, the organization incrementally and sustainably builds capacity, presence, and health. Following the introductory lectures, you will learn more about the Cycle by reading the executive summary, reviewing answers to frequently asked questions, and completing an introductory quiz. As a reminder, if you are taking this course as a student or enthusiast not affiliated with a specific organization, we recommend you select an organization of your choosing to reference as you make your way through the course!

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