8.4 Zika, medias and transparency - Interview with Margaret Harris

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In this module you will better understand how Zika virus has been controlled or uncontrolled by the medias in the era of social networks, and what could be the role of the medias regarding prevention and control of the Zika disease in South and Latin America.The module 8 reports how the Zika phenomenon has been hitting the headlines over the past months. You will learn that aside from the health risks it poses, Zika also affects economy and politics in South America. You will be exposed to the economic adverse effects of Zika on touristic hotspots in Latin America and on the coming Olympic games in Brazil. Dr. Paul Benkimoun will start by making a summary of what has been reported in headlines in the past few months. Dr. Jean-Yves Nau will make an analysis of the different ingredients the Zika phenomenon is constructed of in the news, such as health, politics and economy. Margaret Harris will tell us the importance of the transparency and the adequacy of the messages that should be disseminated to the public. Dr. Anneliese Depoux will let us know what are the raise of awareness via social networks. Finally, Dr. Josselin Thuilliez will close the module by debating on economical issues related to the Zika phenomenon.

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