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学生对 Coursera Project Network 提供的 Exploratory Data Analysis With Python and Pandas 的评价和反馈

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In this 2-hour long project-based course, you will learn how to perform Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) in Python. You will use external Python packages such as Pandas, Numpy, Matplotlib, Seaborn etc. to conduct univariate analysis, bivariate analysis, correlation analysis and identify and handle duplicate/missing data. Note: This course works best for learners who are based in the North America region. We’re currently working on providing the same experience in other regions....



Feb 11, 2021

All the explanations were very clear and well explained. This was an excellent course! Please continue building up on this series and move to basic machine learning algorithms using regression.


May 19, 2022

This course is very recommendable to every one who wants to build their career in data analytics. Good project and the instructor explained very well step by step.


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创建者 Deleted A

Sep 5, 2020


创建者 Ragavi N

Dec 17, 2021


创建者 George J

Feb 15, 2021

Clear, easy to follow, with reasonable example data to motivate the analysis. I'm not sure if there's a lot of value here that you wouldn't get from just finding a webpage about basic beginning data exploration with pandas, or perhaps a hosted google colab notebook where you can just go line by line and execute the code yourself. Basically the experience of the course is typing into your window exactly what the teacher is typing in his window.

创建者 Angela C

Jun 15, 2022

T​his course is informative, and the hands-on aspect of it really helps hone in basic syntax in pandas and seaborn. I was expecting the plotting will be done in matplotlib, but it was seaborn, which is a pretty straightforward plotting library. Nonetheless, it is interesting to learn about it.

创建者 Levi A

Feb 20, 2021

Overall good experience. This was my first guided program so my expectations might be a bit off, but I expected the guiding to go deeper. Overall, good overview but it was just a high-level various data analytics functions.

创建者 Ruslan K

Nov 13, 2020

It was good enough to become acquainted with pandas and data visualization. My suggestion to add some more explanation about what we are doing and about pandas features' capabilities.

创建者 Kancharla V l

Dec 4, 2020

Need to include some more stuff realted to Exploring the data and data handling,The Instructor is good in explaining the concept .

创建者 Amaia P d A M

Apr 27, 2022

I​t's ok in order to get the fundamentals because it's short and simple. I would like to get more.

创建者 Catarina A

Apr 18, 2021

The website/application where you could make exercises was not always working properly.

创建者 Jetender K S

May 8, 2022

Very nice course but some more scenario's required

创建者 Prince A A

Dec 27, 2021

very useful and concise

创建者 Faiza H

Mar 4, 2022

well explained .

创建者 Asadi K R

Jan 25, 2022


创建者 Jorge G

Feb 25, 2021

I do not recommend taking this type of course, take one and pass it, however after a few days I have tried to review the material, and my surprise is that it asks me to pay again to be able to review the material. Of course coursera gives me a small discount for having already paid it previously. It is very easy to download the videos and difficult to get hold of the material, but with ingenuity it is possible. Then I recommend uploading them to YouTube and keeping them private for when they want to consult (they avoid legal problems and can share with friends), then they can request a refund.

创建者 Mae B

Sep 29, 2020

I am hearing impaired and rely heavily on the closed captioning. It is extremely frustrating that the closed captioning keeps cutting off, forcing me to repeatedly refresh the videos to regain close captioning.

Also, the Rhyme hands on practice option had "timed me out" due to "too much time" spent on it... this is absolutely frustrating as we all have different learning styles/speed and I was under the impression that we would have the option to continue practicing hands on skills on Rhyme for the duration of the course.

创建者 Julie S

Sep 1, 2021

very clear and concise, unfortunately the course notebook is not readable after downkload

创建者 Dev K

May 11, 2021

not worth money

创建者 Knut S

May 16, 2021

There are parts that I can't follow, and actions that they don't tell, like pressing "Shift+Enter" to make a code line work, and there were parts in the instructors side that wasn't in the users side, causing issue with having to go back and try to figure if I missed something.

I find it to difficult to continue with this as a fair few terms are not even explained either, so I can't recomend this.

创建者 Zabihullah K

Apr 24, 2022

The project is too short. the video lectures hardly reaches 45 minutes. the dataset is unrealistic, uniformly distributed and with very few issues, completely opposite of real-world missy data.

创建者 Osamudiamen I

May 5, 2022

Why making your code not available for download? Waste of time