Introduction to virtual networks in Microsoft Azure


Virtual Networks

Cloud Computing

Clock2 Hours
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This is an introductory project on creating Virtual Networks in the Azure Portal. During each task, you'll be able to follow along and complete each step as I do, giving you a truly hands-on experience. I will begin by showing you how to get started with Azure by creating an account and signing in. From there we will get familiar with navigating the Azure Portal and begin the creation of our Azure virtual network. We will accomplish this by working our way through the various settings that will need to be configured for a successful configuration of our virtual network. Once the virtual network is created and operational, we will then create and connect two cloud based virtual machines and test connectivity between them. If you enjoy this project, we'd recommend exploring the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 Exam Prep Specialization:


  • remote desktop
  • Networking
  • Virtualisation
  • security
  • Cloud Computing



  1. Log into the Azure portal by creating a free trial Azure account.

  2. Create your own resource group which will be used throughout the project and demonstrate your understanding of the importance of Resource Groups.

  3. Create custom Virtual Networks and avail of Bastion Hosts for secure connectivity.

  4. Create and deploy a virtual machine from start to finish into your virtual network.

  5. Recreate the steps you used in Task 4 to create a second virtual machine and deploy it into your virtual network alongside the first virtual machine.

  6. Connect to the first of the Virtual machines by using the secure bastion Host directly from the Azure Portal. Test connectivity between the two virtual machines using Powershell and the Ping utility

  7. Test connectivity between the two virtual machines using Windows Remote Desktop utility while connected externally through the Bastion Host.

  8. Manage your resources centrally through the Resource Group you created. You will also clean up your subscription by deleting the resources you created as the final step in the project.






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