Program Financial Planning with ClickUp

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在此指导 项目中,您将:

Setup a program environment in Clickup

Developing program finance planning artefacts in ClickUp for diverse programs

Clock2 Hours
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By the end of this guided project, you will be fluent in creating Program Finance Management artefacts for the Planning Phase for diverse programs. You will utilise a logical diagramming plan in an agile environment to develop the solution. This will enable you to identify and classify the required components for finance planning. Furthermore, it will help develop a structural model for learning about the field of Program Management. If you are interested in building up the knowledge leading to this guided project, the following is the link to: [ Developing Programme Management Blueprint with ClickUp] [Advanced Programme Planning Phases Framework in ClickUp] This Guided Project is essential for individuals wanting to learn about the field, or looking to transition into working in Program Management. This guided project is designed to engage and harness your visionary and exploratory abilities. You will use proven models in an agile environment with ClickUp to engage in a hands-on learning experience.


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  1. Starting with ClickUp and exploring its features

  2. Importing the program framework and customising the environment

  3. Importing The Program Finance Diagram and covering background info on Program Management

  4. Creating The Program Financial Framework [ Part 1 ]

  5. Creating The Program Financial Framework [ Part 2 ]

  6. Creating The Program Financial Plan






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