Unity XR: How to Build AR and VR Apps 专项课程

于 Oct 20 开始

Unity XR: How to Build AR and VR Apps 专项课程

Master Skills for AR and VR Development with Unity。Learn to create Virtual and Augmented Reality mobile apps with Unity's cross-platform tools.


Welcome to the world of Unity XR! This specialization includes three courses which will explain the technologies that make XR possible, describe the unique UX concerns around developing for XR, and walk you through developing VR and AR apps for mobile devices. You will learn how Unity supports the many components of a VR app, including tracking, teleporting, interacting with virtual objects, positional audio, and much more. You’ll also see how Unity’s AR Foundation supports building handheld AR apps. XR is a field that is constantly evolving, and we’ll show you what’s on the horizon for VR and AR.


3 courses







Beginner Specialization.
No prior experience required.
  1. 第 1 门课程

    Introduction to XR: VR, AR, and MR Foundations



    What is XR? It’s shorthand for a related set of new technologies that are changing the way we interact with the world and with each other: Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality. To understand XR, you need to understand the technologies
  2. 第 2 门课程

    Mobile VR App Development with Unity

    4 weeks of study, 3-4 hours/week


    "The virtual reality and augmented reality industries are growing by leaps and bounds — but finding workers with the right skills can be a challenge." - CNBC report Virtual and Augmented Reality are poised to revolutionize how we interact with computers,
  3. 第 3 门课程

    Handheld AR App Development with Unity

    4 weeks of study, 3-4 hours/week


    Augmented Reality, or AR, will transform how we see and interact with the world. And the hardware that makes AR possible is the smartphone that you may already have in your pocket. In this course, you'll learn how to develop your own mobile AR applicatio


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