<a href="">Vijay S. Pande</a>&nbsp;is a professor of chemistry, structural biology, and&nbsp;computer science (by courtesy) at Stanford University and&nbsp;the director&nbsp;of Stanford's Biophysics Program. As a teenager he was the third employee of Naughty Dog, which went on to ship 6.8 million copies of Crash Bandicoot for the Sony Playstation.&nbsp;Currently he is&nbsp;the founder and director&nbsp;of&nbsp; <a href="">Folding@Home</a>, a massive distributed computing project that integrates&nbsp;volunteered computers and PlayStations to perform&nbsp;simulations of protein folding and computational drug design for&nbsp;disease research. Folding@Home was the fastest distributed supercomputer in the world for several years and is the current&nbsp; <a href="">Guinness</a>&nbsp;world-record holder for "most powerful distributed computing network". Professor Pande's&nbsp;current work includes novel simulation methods&nbsp;for high-precision drug binding affinity calculations, protein design,&nbsp;and synthetic bio-mimetic polymers. <br>



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