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学生对 英联邦教育信托基金 提供的 Foundations of Teaching for Learning: Being a Teacher 的评价和反馈

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The Foundations of Teaching for Learning programme is for anyone who is teaching, or who would like to teach, in any subject and any context - be it at school, at home or in the workplace. With dynamic lessons taught by established and respected professionals from across the Commonwealth, this eight course programme will see you develop and strengthen your skills in teaching, professionalism, assessment, and more. As you carry on through the programme, you will find yourself strengthening not only your skills, but your connection with colleagues across the globe. A professional development opportunity not to be missed. How we teach has its foundation in how we were taught and how we learned. This course provides an opportunity for you to reflect on your personal and professional development as a teacher. Through reflection and portfolio development you will enhance your knowledge and understanding of how to promote learning. Enhance your course by joining the Commonwealth teaching community on our website, Facebook and Twitter....



Nov 17, 2016

Really liked this course it gave me so much to learn, improve and development. One of the best course for teachers. And I would like to thanks the professors of this course. THANK YOU!


Jun 25, 2020

it was excellent....i really felt myself so blessed to have access to this useful material and Professor Dennis has been a wonderful teacher throughout the journey...Thanks to him


26 - Foundations of Teaching for Learning: Being a Teacher 的 50 个评论(共 232 个)

创建者 Manik C P

Nov 5, 2017

This course is part of a specialization which every teacher should complete. This provides comprehensive information necessary for every teacher. Thanks Commonwealth Education Trust for bringing out this course.

创建者 xochitl c

Mar 30, 2020

El tiempo invertido en éste curso es de lo mejor, podemos darnos cuenta de muchos errores que podemos cometer al dar clases, aprendimos cómo mejorar como persona y como maestro.

创建者 JeaNMaRC S

Oct 31, 2017

Very interesting and a good way to reflect on what I have done over the past 14 years working at the Montessori British School. It opens your eyes to new possibilities.

创建者 Poonam K

May 7, 2022

I learned about creating positive environment during learning process and treating my learners equal. This course taught me what it really means to be a teacher.

创建者 Neha J

Aug 16, 2020

Amazing course for teachers. It helped me a lot in understanding more about being a teacher and how I can grow and develop, understand my students and classroom.

创建者 Cristina E R

Jul 29, 2022

I found very useful the emphasis on reflecting,

the language used in class and validating different cultures,

and he pyramid of support and the learning pyramid .

创建者 David E P D L

Jan 30, 2018

Good course. It really helped me to realize different elements about foundations of teaching I didn't know since I had no formal degrees in education before.

创建者 oyunbileg

May 18, 2019

Take a moment to reflect on your hard work and enjoy your completion of Foundations of Teaching for Learning: Being a Teacher. You’ve earned it. I am happy.

创建者 Tiffany R C T

Nov 19, 2017

This course has taught me how to be a better teacher and how to be more flexible as a teacher with my students according to my students learning ability.


Jun 22, 2022

The speaker's reflections were very inspirational. I feel I can take a lot of what was discussed here and apply it not only in my duties as a teacher.

创建者 Nuhman M

Aug 16, 2020

The course gives lot of insights for one choose teaching as a profession. It will definitly help the educators to grow personally and professionally.

创建者 Ryan A

Jul 15, 2020

An excellent course which will have you engage in greater reflection around your role as a teacher and the relationship between teacher and student.

创建者 Chitra.s

Oct 20, 2020

It was a great experience and learning. Thank you for your efforts. As a teacher I could able to learn so many things with different perspectives.

创建者 Lavanya N

May 4, 2020

This course was really helpful with reading materials and videos . It covered all that is required for being an effective teacher , thank you !

创建者 Haitham C

Sep 12, 2021

G​reat course, well established, very useful and scientific, power points are a great help , will use and develop a lot in my teachings

创建者 Noemi R M

Feb 22, 2017

Me gustó mucho, es muy interesante y me ayudó mucho. Desearía que se realizaran nuevamente los vídeos con una mejor calidad de sonido.

创建者 Vannisastantin W

Jul 26, 2020

I actually resented the teaching of Dr Francis at the beginning, especially when he was introducing punishment and discipline at the beginning and his informing about racism and other forms of misdealing with differences in education.

I reckoned that his was only giving negative sides of punishment and said something relatively absolute about punishment, say, "if punished, there could be a superficial sense of willingness to learn". He only emphasised how bad punishments could do and brought up no benefits of punishment, which could mislead an idea, "punishment is definitely not advised under any circumstances", which is probably not what he meant.

When he was talking about race, he also talked like what I would hear everyday. White students are privileged... There was only talking about how races of colours are disadvantaged, and there was no example of how white students may be disadvantaged for being white as well, say, a general prejudice against white students abusing the term "white privilege", which is actually happening in daily situations in Australia. He brought up many good points to reflect on, but they are the points that have been talked about, in fact, even hated against in daily lives. And one could assume that this kind of pointing out the defects without laying out the merits of something would indirectly encourage extreme behaviours such as hatred and conflict.

However, as I progressed into the last bit of the course, I realised, some of these things I expected to hear actually was planned out in the latter half of the course. How ignorant I was overthinking about this at the beginning!

Professor Francis' teaching is relatively comprehensive and insightful. The content is well appreciated. The only reason why I did not mark 5 stars is because the recording quality is not as ideal as one would expect for an online lecture.

创建者 Manish P

Apr 22, 2022

The course is designed by keeping in mind the 'Learning' rather than 'Teaching' and being a firm believer of facilitating the learning rather than lecturing, I enjoyed every bit of all the course material right from the 24 Presentations, YouTube Video and external readings to the Assignments, Reviewing Peer Assignments to the Quizzes at the end of each topic/week for the assessment of what is learnt.

Overall, it proved to be a Measure of what I thought I knew about Teaching and a Tin Opener for all my underlying strengths and weaknesses but, fortunately, there was not any Warning sign for me, at least! This course deserves to be a part of Teacher’s Training that takes place at any part of the world in any form and at any level because Teachers need to understand the Philosophy of Learning rather than cultural constraints and political parameters which would always be there. ‘Learning’ is too important and universal to happen beyond all of that.

A great effort and Kudos to all the Team who has put together this course and Dr. Dennis Francis for being the lighthouse and the epitome of teacher as a facilitator whose subtle and generous mannerism makes even the ‘lectures’ enjoyable! The pedagogy is very well thought of starting from the structure to the duration of all the sessions and MCQs in the Quiz that really put the learning and knowledge to the test. I tried to score maximum in all tests but had to take the last Sixth Week test many times to score a 100!

Great job, I enjoyed being a part of it wholeheartedly and although I finished the SIX Week Course in TWO Weeks, it was not a Crash Course… I made most of every moment of learning, I believe!

Thank you very much and all the best as I look forward to recommending it to my peers!

创建者 Doyin E

Nov 11, 2020

I have thoroughly enjoyed taking this course, it has been aptly informative and engaging. I particularly enjoyed writing the essays because the topics keep you constantly evaluating yourself and reflecting on your practices as a seasoned teacher; and new or intending teachers are also able to get an in-depth understanding of the world of teaching. I couldn't be happier!!


Feb 27, 2021

Really educational, effective and inspiring pedagogical course. Ideal for reminding ourselves or learning more about positive learning environments and teaching for every student (regardless of gender, race, culture or abilities), reflective practice in or on action of teaching, following the model of Continuous Professional Development and many more. Thank you!

创建者 G

Mar 12, 2021

I highly recommend this course because the content is rich in practical ways of being a teacher and helps the teacher to reflect on methods used to improve where necessary. I also learnt various new concepts and strategies I shall definitely apply. The bibliography is also very useful. Many thanks to the Commonwealth for this pragmatic course.

创建者 Nur B

May 5, 2020

I learned a lot of aspects of being a teacher by taking this course. It helps me to assess my goal & to reflect what kind of teacher I am & what kind of teacher I want to be. The slides, lectures & interviews are informative. The interviews of the professors are very beneficial as the professors share their own personal experiences.

创建者 Deleted A

Oct 12, 2020

This course has caused me to seriously reflect on how I have learned, what I would like to do differently, and to be the kind of teacher that my learners enjoy being around and to think independently of themselves. I should work on being reflective of my lessons and have my colleagues and my learners give me constructive criticism.

创建者 Annabel R

Dec 24, 2015

The things I have learnt from this course so far have been amazing, and I am keen on finishing the entire set! Thank you so much for making this course readily available to anyone with an internet connection. I am so grateful to be able to improve myself and am looking forwards to continuing my education.

创建者 Juan P D R

Oct 5, 2020

La información es increíble, en verdad es muy útil. Me encantaría que más personas tuvieran acceso a este curso. Quisiera que las personas que trabajan en el sector educativo de México vieran esto y que los cambios necesarios en el sistema fueran posibles... me gustaría pensar que son posibles.