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Are you interested in learning how to program (in Python) within a scientific setting? This course will cover algorithms for solving various biological problems along with a handful of programming challenges helping you implement these algorithms in Python. It offers a gently-paced introduction to our Bioinformatics Specialization (, preparing learners to take the first course in the Specialization, "Finding Hidden Messages in DNA" ( Each of the four weeks in the course will consist of two required components. First, an interactive textbook provides Python programming challenges that arise from real biological problems. If you haven't programmed in Python before, not to worry! We provide "Just-in-Time" exercises from the Codecademy Python track ( And each page in our interactive textbook has its own discussion forum, where you can interact with other learners. Second, each week will culminate in a summary quiz. Lecture videos are also provided that accompany the material, but these videos are optional....



Apr 17, 2016

I give this course 5 star because I did Bioinformatics I and I totally enjoy it.\n\nThis is where programming can be fun, and practical, and you'll learn some basic biology too.\n\nWhat's not to love?


Apr 14, 2020

A very good course for those who has some (at least a little) experience in programmimg! I really loved it, it was challenging sometimes, especially in the end, but I did it and learned a lot.


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创建者 Wonho C

Jun 27, 2020

Not for beginners at all, lack of explanation.

创建者 Kshitij S

Dec 23, 2018

The course was fairly interesting and I had a lot of fun in completing it. The only problem I had with the course was with its python aspect. Apart from that, it was amazing!

创建者 Victor V

Dec 29, 2021

This is not a course for biologists who are beginning to learn programming, so do not call it that way

创建者 Keren S

Dec 10, 2021

The professors of this course are very off-base on the amount of time each lesson will take each student. While suggesting the first lesson will take 10 minutes to complete, it in fact takes several hours and the comments on each chapter of the lesson shows that this is experienced by dozens of students who take the course. Additionally, the success rate of the "quizzes" in this course should be an indicator to the professors as to whether they are teaching the course in a beneficial or poor manner. A 28% pass rate on the quiz in the first lesson displays a failure of the professors to properly pass over the material to the students. What's more disappointing is that the professors seem to not check in whatsoever on this course: if they did, they would have immediately noticed that in the comments throughout the chapters many students are lost, and those that aren't are cleaning up the professors' mess and breaking down the material for the students who may look to the comments in the future for help. This course is awful.

创建者 Kevin P G B

Jun 29, 2020

El curso estaba muy mal estructurado, deberían cambiarlo o removerlo por completo de la plataforma. Deceptionante.

创建者 Pedro A P F

Jun 5, 2020

Muy difícil para principiantes

创建者 Carolann Q

Aug 9, 2020

Too little Python instruction

创建者 Md. J N

May 13, 2020

It is not for beginners

创建者 睿文 张

Mar 23, 2017


创建者 Danny W

Jun 9, 2016

An excellent course that is a great opportunity for anyone interested in bioinformatics, no previous experience is necessary but either a biological, mathematical or computing background will give you advantages in certain areas. Being a biologist I struggled at first and many of you may do the same but stick with it, work hard on it and you will be rewarded and it is incredibly satisfying.

Due to the practical coding nature of the course, each week can take up a lot of you time. Best if you have a few weeks free (e.g. a graduate student like me) so you can spend a few whole days of it but could be done before/after work if you are motivated and plug away at it each day - just something to keep in mind though, don't expect a light easy 1 hour a week course, it is intensive but in a good way. It can get frustrating, you will want to give up time and time again....but stick at it and you will have a shiny new Coursera certificate and a wealth of programming knowledge under your belt once you finish!

A massive two thumbs up for this course, one of the best ones out there that gives you real worthwhile skills that employers and academia want. Thanks to all the course staff for a great experience!

创建者 Don E

Apr 18, 2021

Really enjoyed the course. You will have to commit to learning python also. The class encourages you to build a module of programs but doesn't go into file input or some other useful things. There is a referral to a free version of a python 2.7 tutorial. Most will prefer python 3 but you will have to build your own knowledge path. The course is great if you are coming from other python courses like python for everyone courses 1 and 2 or almost any other python course where you have done file processing, for-loops, while loops, used strings, list, and dictionaries, and switched between them. I wanted to find some courses to test my python knowledge and build some python projects. You might need other courses if you want to learn a lot about biology or microbiology. Viewed in that like you will binge.

创建者 Maria L

Aug 30, 2019

Coming from a Computer Science background this course is very interesting and relatable. The coding part is pretty easy, so if you are familiar with any programming language, I think the programming part will be easy for you. I definitely recommend this course to anyone familiar with programming, who is also interested in the bioengineering aspect!

That being said, I like the idea of the course, but I encountered some issues with stepik's online classes/texts.. Their servers seem to be down so I am not even able to complete the interactive text part at the time I want (I keep getting 500).. I was expecting something more reliable especially since this is not free .. But again the idea is cool just wish there were no down times

创建者 Yee L T

Apr 16, 2020

It is not an easy course. I mean given that if you aren't as fast a learner as some others, you might take alot more time to try to understand the concepts both of the programming and why you are using certain methods to solve a certain biological problem. I had to also rely on other sources online to help me understand some parts of the python programming and to reinforce some concepts but I think this is given as I really have no clue! It is a huge undertaking for these course instructors to try to create a short enough yet comprehensive program and I think they have done exceptionally well especially with the abundant practice (coding) material (yes you have to work hard on these, but it does pay off). Thank you so much!

创建者 Linggen K

Sep 13, 2017

My major is biotechnology, I have learnt C program before and I quite enjoy programming, but my major courses have nearly nothing to do with programming, which made me worried about the waste of my knowledge. But now, I feel so excited and refreshed, cause I have learnt how to connect both subjects! And I want to say that this course is very clear with beautiful illustrations and has lots of expansion which can lead us to continue further study, though I have a problem that I can't watch the teaching video, what a pity~

And I'll definitely continue the following course: Bioinformatics Specialization!!!

创建者 Philipp M

Aug 10, 2017

I really enjoyed this course! That's why I will definitely dive into the Bioinformatics Specialization. The presented material is well explained and the coding challenges are increasingly demanding and motivationally designed. Furthermore the instructors are always helpful pointing in the right direction without revealing too much.

Maybe a little advice: If you are completely new to programming or biology (or perhaps both) be prepaed to spend more than 4 h/week because you'll propably need more training time.

创建者 Matchy L

Jan 13, 2019

The course provides some meaningful questions in biological context (rather than abstact excercises in some textbooks) for you to solve. It is really fulfilling when you put what you learnt into use and made improvements on your code to solve the questions better. The exercises are actually challenging for programming beginners. But if you persist, upon completion of this course you will find youself equipped with some solid knowledge on bioinformatics, which will definitely benefit your future career.

创建者 Augustine N

Aug 4, 2021

This course gave me the glimpse of what programming actually do to the biological data, such as nucleotides. However, if anyone with no coding experience (like me) wants to learn coding, I suggest you to also take another coding course. This course would refer us to codecademy, which I felt enough for me to understand the basics, but maybe not for anyone who wants more into coding. Overall, great course! Thankyou for making this course very organized and enjoyable.

创建者 Sai H

May 26, 2020

Quite difficult for a biologist since it requires knowledge of basic programming. Anyway good topic to explore and excel in this field as it a booming field of science however it would be more interesting if we had more of the video lessons first instead of keeping it as optional since that requires a lot of understanding too. Thank you for this course it has really inspired to explore this field and i hope i be able to pursue a career relating to this

创建者 Melody P

Mar 31, 2022

Loved it. Would give 4.5 stars if I could as there are a few things that could be improved on, but such a good course. I had previously taken a beginner's python course (and have used other languages before too), yet still found it challenging. I don't think the python sessons that are linked would be sufficient for this course for someone with no previous coding experience---beginner's knowledge of python should be a requesite, in my opinion.

创建者 Jay T

May 30, 2017

Great Course!! Although I already had a background in Python Programming, I can see how this class could gently eases someone with no knowledge of Python (or programming for that matter), into a Novice Python 3 Programmer. The Biology aspect was also well presented. Difficult concepts were well explained, and extra material was given for topics that were not directly related to solving the challenges at hand, but fun and interesting to learn.

创建者 Daniel A

May 14, 2017

In my opinion, this is a fabulous course and will recommend it for all beginners in bioinformatics. At the beginning of the course i was a complete rookie at python programming and was surprised to find myself able to code comfortably by the end of the course. The course was challenging at some points especially week 4, but i eventually made it. I find it worth all the time i put into this. Big thanks to the course instructors

创建者 Peter M P F

May 8, 2020

As someone who has had no prior background to Python, the program's team-up with CodeAcademy has proven very helpful in familiarizing and eventually manipulating simple Python commands. The lessons are friendly but need a lot of focus and critical thinking to be able to advance to more complex algorithms. Overall, it is beginner-friendly especially to those who have no prior experience in programming. Thank you and keep it up!

创建者 Gilbert G

Feb 24, 2017

Great course. I learned a lot. I came into it with only a little bit of background in Python coding. I worked through the recommended Code Academy modules and attempted the course work early and often. I feel like my understanding of algorithms, molecular biology, and Python coding have all improved in just 4 short weeks. I look forward to learning more Python, algorithms, and molecular biology from UC San Diego and others.

创建者 Liz C

Aug 31, 2020

Good introduction to bioinformatics, I really enjoyed this course and found it interesting. That being said, I have programmed before so, while it was appropriate for me, I can see how this course could be frustrating if you didn't have sufficient experience with coding (i.e. when writing your own code everything that can go wrong usually will go wrong and there is no hand-holding when it comes to finding your own errors)

创建者 Wenye Z

Jun 16, 2017

A really fun and addictive course with some fascinating biology thrown in. I come from a chemical biology background and I had never done programming before. It's challenging, but it's highly motivating when you do solve something. It makes you become familiar with Python in a way that just the Codecademy course by itself simply won't. Phillip and Pavel, thank you for making this course!