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Clinical trials are experiments designed to evaluate new interventions to prevent or treat disease in humans. The interventions evaluated can be drugs, devices (e.g., hearing aid), surgeries, behavioral interventions (e.g., smoking cessation program), community health programs (e.g. cancer screening programs) or health delivery systems (e.g., special care units for hospital admissions). We consider clinical trials experiments because the investigators rather than the patients or their doctors select the treatment the patients receive. Results from randomized clinical trials are usually considered the highest level of evidence for determining whether a treatment is effective because trials incorporates features to ensure that evaluation of the benefits and risks of treatments are objective and unbiased. The FDA requires that drugs or biologics (e.g., vaccines) are shown to be effective in clinical trials before they can be sold in the US. The course will explain the basic principles for design of randomized clinical trials and how they should be reported. In the first part of the course, students will be introduced to terminology used in clinical trials and the several common designs used for clinical trials, such as parallel and cross-over designs. We will also explain some of the mechanics of clinical trials, like randomization and blinding of treatment. In the second half of the course, we will explain how clinical trials are analyzed and interpreted. Finally, we will review the essential ethical consideration involved in conducting experiments on people....



Oct 26, 2019

Excellent beginner course on design and interpretation of clinical trials, complements a lot of what I reviewed on my classes and I would like to take a more advanced course on the topic. Thank you.


Sep 19, 2019

This course would be most useful to the participant if pursued within a short time-frame, of maximum of 6 weeks. Both lecturers were clear and good communicators. I would take more of their classes.


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创建者 Natalia O

Apr 19, 2020

I have a PhD in biochemistry and work in pharma industry in R&D, I never had formal education on clinical trials and this course allowed me quickly learn the most important basic things about the subject to get a better understanding of a bigger picture for a journey of a new medicine. That was exactly what I was looking for. I am really grateful that I could access that resource. It was really helpful. Thank you for making this course openly available.

创建者 Sangavai G

Jun 28, 2017

The course was very useful for me and came to know more about randomized clinical trials ,and other consort for writing trial design .it was very useful and i can add this certificate in my resume it will give weight to my resume for standing in clinical trial industry.and finally thanku for lecturers.they did an awesome job very keen on every topic explanations. hopefully expecting courses in clinical trials ,regulatory affairs

Thank you


创建者 Rafael S L O

Aug 12, 2020

An amazing course taught by Janet Holbrook, PhD and Lea T. Drye, PhD authorized by The Johns Hopkins University and offered through Coursera that allowed me to delve into the basic principles of Clinical Trials (Types of Clinical Trials, Randomization and Masking, Outcomes and Analysis, Ethics, Guidelines for Reporting Results as well as Clinical cases to evaluate whether or not Randomized Clinical Trials are still the golden standard).

创建者 Durojaiye T

Jul 25, 2019

The course was very educative and informative. i got to understand the various clinical trial designs used as well as the rationale behind using such designs to conduct clinical trials. Also, i learnt about the CONSORT guidelines that serves as a guide for writer when writing their research paper in order to ensure quality reporting of research data gotten in clinical trials as well as ensuring transparency of data.

创建者 Eduardo C

Jun 30, 2017

I develop clinical research (through registries and data collection in cardiac emergencies) in a small hospital in Brazil. We do not have search capabilities and yet a large number of data and information that needs a form for the wrong propagation. This course has helped me greatly in forming values and clarifying concepts that are very useful. I'm really charmed with a quality and will do more courses like this.

创建者 Andreu

Oct 17, 2019

Excellent training to get a good understanding of Design and Interpretation of Clinical Trials very well organised, easy to follow by watching videos along with their transcript so I could compliment images and summary slides with detailed explanations of teacher.

You can also re-schedule the timelines as it better suits you.

I will continue training with Johns Hopkins University for sure.


May 03, 2020

the best thing about this course was the quiz at the end of each week. It was so deep and tricky that you cant crack if you were not engaged in the lecture completely. these days, such online courses have become away just to earn certificates with the easy assignment but definitely it was a different experience. I am glad that I found this course.

创建者 Gabriel S

Feb 18, 2017

This course offers a broad, honest and critical view on the production and evaluation of RCTs. It is a useful introduction to the theme, although a small background may be required for full exploitation of its resources. I would highly recommend it for any student or professional in health care - being you directly involved with research or not.

创建者 Douglas V T

Feb 22, 2017

Excellent course. It made me not only get a better understanding on topics i've seen scarcely prior, but also contributed to a solid theoretical basis in the field of clinical trials. Special attention to the first week of the course should be given, since it provides one of the best explanations about study design i've seen so far.

创建者 Lucía

Dec 08, 2019

I did like the course and it is quite useful for me at this moment. The length of the videos were mostly good, although some were a little bit too long; anyway that was ok because there was a clear concept and the rest of the video content were examples to illustrate it. I guess it is very basic, so it was exaclty what I needed.

创建者 Do H L

May 22, 2016

A rare course in clinical trials, and also a good one.

Strongly recommend for those interested in clinical research!

There's a reason why Bloomberg school of public health is one of the best healthcare research institution in the world. It is very fortunate to learn from such expertise in clinical research through this course.

创建者 Maria G

Jun 04, 2017

I've taken a couple of courses in Coursera and this was the best one so far! The lectures are engaging, clear and comprehensive, and the discussion prompts very useful. I would certainly take an advance course and recommend this one to all those interested in learning more on how clinical trials are designed and reported.

创建者 Sergio A S A

May 09, 2020

Even though some previous knowledge is required, I think it will be a very useful program for all of those who are in one way or another involved in the world of clinical trials. It made me understand better many things in my current job that I was just passing by without knowing what was happening on the other side.

创建者 Jesse

Aug 02, 2019

Very thorough and engaging course. Sometimes the information is a little complicated, but the professors are clear and efficient in their explanations so the material is always "doable." The videos were engaging and the few readings were very interesting. Overall a great course with a lot of thought put behind it.

创建者 jiaqi z

Jun 08, 2019

This course is really helpful for me to learn the structure of clinical trials. I think it`s appropriate for people who have some experiences in clinical trials and the materials would be more helpful. If you want to learn statistics with respect to clinical trials, I don`t think this course is a good fit for it.

创建者 Mhd Y Y

Jan 07, 2018

It's a very good course to learn basic information about design and interpretation of clinical trials; however, it would be much useful if it included more details about the studies designs and outcome analysing. But in general, it's a valuable and necessary course to take. Thank you very much dear professors.

创建者 Arkar H M

Apr 21, 2020

Very well explained lectures. I could really refresh my knowledge about these topics which I studied during my preparations for USMLE exams. This course explains in depth about certain topics which I didn't cover in that depth during my USMLE preparations. I am really thankful that I could join this course.

创建者 Paulius P

Jul 15, 2019

In the tests, when you get the wrong answer it would be nice to get the reason why is that wrong. Sometimes it is obvious, other times not su much. Apart from this little nitpick, I really liked the lectures and the structure. The course provides enough background to continue on reading/studying the topic.


Jan 10, 2020

Excelente curso acerca del diseño de ensayos clínicos. Se podría considerar como un curso inicial para adentrarse al mundo de la investigación. No se toman en consideraciones nociones de bio-estadística, por lo cual habría que complementarlo con otro curso para hacer el conocimiento de mas global..

创建者 Erick M J T

Aug 27, 2020

Un curso excelente, bien diseñado y con gran cantidad de información relevante acerca de Investigaciones Clínicas.

Todos los recursos multimedia proporcionados son de gran calidad y además incluyen información acerca de donde buscar mas conocimiento o profundizar lo aprendido en el curso.

创建者 NevineTaymour

Jul 15, 2019

This a top high quality well organized course. It helps many researchers in the medical and dental fields understand the designs of clinical trials and different ways of interpretation. It also help researchers understand the key strengths of clinical trials and observational studies.

创建者 Muhammad K H

Nov 09, 2017

Very good course. Did it at my pace - though not a fast one but could finish it eventually. Will help me in my professional life. Thanks to coursera for launching a course like this for people like me who cannot afford a regular or dedicated time due to professional commitments.

创建者 Ramya B

Feb 03, 2018

Firstly, I would like to thank both the professors for their valuable lectures.

I was particularly looking for the basics of clinical trial and this course has covered most of its information.

I would highly recommend this anyone looking for the knowledge in clinical trial.

创建者 Kevin R M

Feb 03, 2020

Excellent course for me, as I'm a pharmacist, I'm working in clinical research area and I was looking for acquiring more knoledges and reinforme my previous knowledges regarding clinical trials, I'm gonna llok for more courses regarding clinical trials.

创建者 Massiel V R G

Sep 06, 2020

Although this whole topic is new to me, all the learning I acquired in this course was very valuable. I am very grateful to Dr. Janet and Dr. Lea for their contributions and knowledge, and for using simple and very complete language on the subject.