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学生对 加州大学尔湾分校 提供的 IELTS Writing Section Skills Mastery 的评价和反馈

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Whether you have taken the IELTS test before, you will benefit from completing this course on the writing section of the exam. The lessons in this course will improve your overall skills in writing and prepare you for every type of writing prompt on the test, increasing your chances of getting your target band score. You will be ready to give well-constructed responses to Academic Writing Task 1 questions, which require you to analyze a variety of graphics and diagrams. You will also be able to confidently complete Writing Task 2, the opinion essay portion of the exam. We’ll review plenty of sample prompts and scoring rubrics so you’ll know exactly what to expect. The helpful tips and strategies offered in this course will give you the invaluable tools and knowledge you’ll need to compose clear and precise responses while efficiently managing the time allotted for each task. Taking tests can be stressful, but being familiar with the test and practicing will reduce anxiety and give you the confidence you’ll need to perform at your best....



Jan 5, 2022

I hooked to all the section including discussion forums, every section worth my time and attention. the whole course was designed in way that touched all parts of the writing section very precisely.


Jun 12, 2022

the content is content, but it's for intermediate and beginners only. for those who aim above 7+, i personally advise you to stick on your grammar book instead of taking a shortcut here


101 - IELTS Writing Section Skills Mastery 的 125 个评论(共 125 个)

创建者 Rudi J B

Jul 10, 2022

would be better if you fix the audio. thank you


Dec 17, 2021

It was very helpful and simple to understand.

创建者 Minal k

May 7, 2021

Great explanation, fully understood nicely 👌

创建者 Amal M A

Jan 28, 2022

the instructor's voice is so low.

创建者 helmi y p

Jun 24, 2021

it is very helpful

创建者 malith f

Jun 9, 2022

Good Content !

创建者 Welcita D

Jul 17, 2021

great course

创建者 Mostafa D

Jun 27, 2022

Very Uesful


Mar 28, 2022

I like the course but the quality can be improved. - The slides need to be updated because of some errors - The content of the slides should be consistent, there are times were a topic appear at the bottom and ends with one or two lines in the next slide. - The sound quality can be improved with a microphone. It's hard to hear sometimes and then in full volume the computer noise can be heard which after a time can be exhausting.

创建者 Luis F P A

Jul 29, 2021

excelente curso, muy bueno y especifico a la hora de explicarnos la parte del examen ielts. Le pongo 3 estrellas ya que no tiene habilitado la parte de los subtítulos y es una desventajas para los que no saben ingles. menos mal que si sabia un poco jajaj

创建者 Itrat N

Jun 18, 2022

I like that it is free for the firs 7 days. but once you enroll you can't unenroll ( idon;t like this part).

创建者 MatildeV

May 19, 2022

useful although it doesnt contain actual practice. it gives you a general idea of how to perform on the exam


Nov 18, 2021

Please mention Academic in course name....

创建者 Sh

Jun 22, 2022

good and useful

创建者 Sabina K

Jun 1, 2022

1. I expected to have native speaker as a teacher of our course, so I can practice Listening as well.

2. Too little homeworks and training material. This 3 week course can be easily done in 1 week. I expected to have more practice and a list of useful and advanced vocabulary for getting a high score on the exam.

创建者 Michelle T D

Aug 16, 2021

A lot of the discussions are repetitive, especially the reminders. The accent of the lecturer is bothersome. I feel like some of the grammar is even incorrect, which is ironic for a language course. The subtitles are horrible. The text does not match the words of the speaker.

创建者 Manh P

Oct 18, 2021

Not really provide in-depth understanding as I expected


Apr 24, 2022


创建者 Jaspinder S

Sep 3, 2021

No in-depth information was provided related to each type of graphs. Moreover, very limited information was provided in writing tasks 2. Special stress must be laid down on vocabulary , connectors , and thesis lines.

创建者 Rustem B B

Jan 20, 2022

This course contains only lectures, I hoped that it includes some practice in writing. That my works will be checked by teachers but for two weeks there weren't such tasks.

创建者 Imane B

Nov 25, 2021

this course does not cover all information we need to get a high score, and it does not explain all type of essays

创建者 Engin A

Jan 5, 2022

Her pronunciation is bad. it didn't give me trust in the course.

创建者 Gleb S

Nov 30, 2021

useless waste of time and low sound quality

创建者 Narra M K

Apr 7, 2022

help me to unenroll from this course

创建者 Nuga B

Aug 7, 2022