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学生对 IBM 提供的 Introduction to Cybersecurity Tools & Cyber Attacks 的评价和反馈

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This course gives you the background needed to understand basic Cybersecurity. You will learn the history of Cybersecurity, types and motives of cyber attacks to further your knowledge of current threats to organizations and individuals. Key terminology, basic system concepts and tools will be examined as an introduction to the Cybersecurity field. You will learn about critical thinking and its importance to anyone looking to pursue a career in Cybersecurity. Finally, you will begin to learn about organizations and resources to further research cybersecurity issues in the Modern era. This course is intended for anyone who wants to gain a basic understanding of Cybersecurity or as the first course in a series of courses to acquire the skills to work in the Cybersecurity field as a Jr Cybersecurity Analyst. The completion of this course also makes you eligible to earn the Introduction to Cybersecurity Tools & Cyber Attacks IBM digital badge. More information about the badge can be found



Aug 14, 2020

The reading link to Week 03's Framework and their purpose is Broken. Please Fix it. Everything else seemed perfect. I would recommend this course for people who think of starting their careers in CyS.


Dec 24, 2020

If you want to learn cybersecurity and you have no idea about that. Then this is the best course which covers all the basic topics and provide you a best knowledge about cybersecurity and their tools.


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创建者 Ashish s p

Mar 24, 2022


创建者 Helen B

Jul 2, 2020

I was disappointed to see how little effort was put in to design this course. I was expecting more since this course seemed to get a decent rating based on Coursera user feedback. The course provides some very helpful resources to go back to later when learning more about cybersecurity and keeping up with the most up to date news and research. The course attempts to teach important concepts, but the lecture delivery method is just poor.

For starters, the video lecture designs were just sloppy -- poor audio recordings, typos on the slides and in the written transcripts, slide graphics were not visible most of the time (even when viewing in full-screen mode). Many acronyms and terms were not clearly defined or defined at all. This should be a number 1 priority for a beginners' course. The written transcripts for each of the lecture slide simply just transcribed the audio and did not correct any transcription mistakes when they appeared. There should also be helpful written guides creating outlines for each of the units and the terms/concepts presented.

This course has a 7-day free trial, but I canceled before the trial was over. It is not worth paying for something where there is clearly very little effort put into making the course.

Overall disappointed because I expected more from IBM since they have top experts in this field.

创建者 Andrew F

Jun 28, 2021

I am always grateful for free access to learning, but this was not amazing.

The course seems like it was patched together from disconnected fragments of old IBM training sessions. The audio quality is often poor. The subtitles are full of errors and [inaudible] tags. The presenters are doubtless knowledgeable, but often do not teach very well. For a beginner course, acronyms and technical language appear frequently without explanation. The explanations are sometimes good, but only sometimes. At other times, I found myself losing the thread of the lecture repeatedly.

The quiz questions are sometimes badly written and force you to guess what they mean. Others simply do not support the learning well. For example, instead of asking you about the concepts, they might test you on exactly what wording was used on a particular slide.

The quality of the slides is also highly variable. Some are fine. Others are garbled acronym salads with incomprehensible diagrams and ancient clip-art, featuring text that is multicoloured for no obvious reason and entirely in Comic Sans. I swear this is true.

It is still great to have free access to information. If you are interested, then it might be worth your time. But personally I could not recommend that anybody pays the monthly subscription fee for this.

创建者 Aaron W

Aug 24, 2020

I signed up for the 7 Day Free Trail for the IBM Cyber-security Analyst Professional Certificate. This is definitely a cert I would be interested in completing but unfortunately the lecture audio is so bad that I will have to un-enrollment as I can't justify shelling out $49 per month for such terrible and unclear audio quality and instructors. The material itself seems interesting but I literally cannot hear or understand 75% of what the presenter is trying to say in the lectures. I tried turning on the subtitles but that's just no way to learn... Unfortunate because I think this certification path has potential but I could literally create a YouTube video on my $300 laptop with no special equipment that would sound better than what IBM is putting out here. I bought a Security+ course on Udemy for $9.99 and it seems to basically have all the same type of material plus the lecture audio / instructor is clear and concise in their presentation.

创建者 James M A

Apr 13, 2021

With an IT course, (especially from IBM) I believe the quality of production such as audio and video should be top notch. In many of the presentations, the audio sounds like it is in a hallway or in the background. Very poor audio. A cheap dedicated microphone would solve this issue and sound more professional. I expect more from IBM. Also, it seems the terminology is all over the place and the lessons don't seem to have any order to them. Many of the speakers' English skills were not at a native level, so sometimes it was difficult to pick up on the technical jargon. I am an ESL teacher and I welcome multilingual individuals, but with a professional course, I believe this should be done by native English speakers. If this course was for Spanish learners, I would expect a native Spanish instructor for ease of learning. I feel I didn't learn much with this course.

创建者 Cameron L

Oct 2, 2020

This course is very summary-level. After taking, I realized the whole specialization/certificate would likely provide only a cursory overview of the field, and nothing close to what would be required get a job in this area. I think one could learn more about cybersecurity from perusing wikipedia than they could with this course.

Additionally, this course seems hastily put together, with many different speakers from lesson to lesson. Each host offers a wildly different level of knowledge and didactic ability. I get the feeling the lessons were spliced together from some sort of internal training process, where the cyber team was trying to educate management and other departments on what exactly they do.

The arbitrary nature of quiz questions reinforces the idea that not much thought was put into the overall informational value of this course.

创建者 S K

Oct 14, 2021

While the information is fair/good, it is very difficult to grasp as the recordings are very low in quality compared to many other online courses. Additionally, some instructors speak with an accent, which complicates things much more than needed. In fact, if some of the transcripts read (inaudible). Lastly, it seems that it would be much better if the instructors would follow a prewritten script. I find myself focusing too much on the flaws rather than the content. As a note, I speak two languages and English is my second. My wife is of Latin descent and I am used to listening to accents, but it still makes it very challenging to get through the course material. Hopefully, IBM will revise this course using better delivery methods. Nonetheless, I'll continue with the course as I am determined to earn my certification.

创建者 Pedro D

Jul 13, 2022

I am surprised by the lack of professionalism in some of the videos presented in this course. It felt as though some of the instructors did not practice what they were going to teach before they presented in the class. The course material does give you a solid understanding CyberSecurity and if you have any experience in IT or CyberSecurity, you should do just fine in this course. The biggest issue I have though is that the exams at the end of each course force you wait 8 hours if you fail the exam to take it again. I think IBM did this so that nonone could zoom through their course, but it really stifles learning when you have to wait that long. I think if they changed it to 3 hours it might satisfy more people, myself included.

创建者 Kelsey C

Mar 12, 2022

If you've ever taken an IBM training before, you'll know what to expect here.

PROS: Provides a functional introduction to cybersecurity and will give you foundational knowledge like terminology, roles, types of threats and threat actors etc.

CONS: Audio quality is poor in several videos - I used the transcripts to get through. The course is very repetitive and seems pieced together from unrelated recordings someone shoehorned into a single course. Some videos contradict each other or add confusion rather than building on previous knowledge.

If you just need to get the basics and the language down, I recommend this course. However, I recommend you just read the transcripts, skim a couple videos, and generally blaze through it.

创建者 Selisa S

Jun 1, 2020

This was a challenge. Between the Audio issues and some of the Translations and the Dialects, OMG I was so over it. I had to go over this several times. This was a complete Headache. I was stressed and constantly SMH. I just wanted this to be over with. I was really hoping for the better. The best part of all of this was the lady that comes on for the Introduction. She was so very clear and speaks very well. Please please get instructors to have visuals with Most of the lessons and have more content relevant to the Quiz/Practice Questions. I feel for the Translators. This was challenging but I got through it and I am extremely reluctant on completing another course. Thank you for your time and consideration.

创建者 Leo K H

Sep 13, 2020

The quality of the video lecture is quite bad. Some lectures have inaudible parts. This is made worse as the slides are not comprehensive on their own. The video lectures are not engaging. The presentations are frequently not smooth. The presentation style is more suited for conference presentation and not helpful for lesson lecture. Frequently, a static slides is shown and voiced over for more than 2 minutes. Some animations may be good for highlighting important parts and capturing audience attention. An ok course if you just wanna sit back, relax and get an impression of the topic. But if you are serious about learning cybersecurity, this does not make for a pleasant experience.

创建者 Christina M

May 5, 2022

This course was difficult enough on its own. But when you add in someone who's english is very hard to understand, and then mix it with improper transcripts, it makes learning this information, unnecisarily more difficult. It would not be that hard to rerecord these videos. And to have someone trancribe them, then send them to the person who did the video, to review the words chosen for the transcript.

Also some of the videos had very poor quality. The sound was near impossible to hear. And the images were very blurry. The transcription is of poor quality in some areas. You are expecting us to learn this and not providing acurate or easy to understand instrucions on how to learn.

创建者 william k

Jun 7, 2021

It's a good intro, but seems really cheesy. It feels like they did a whole lecture, but then broke it down to fit into this online course. They will reference slides, but we haven't seen the other ones yet. And then the sound quality is really bad. Some sound like they are in a bunker somewhere. And the worst part if that when you read the text below the video, you'll see things like (inaudible). So you're not given the actual lecture notes - it's someone just listening to it at some other time, and not understanding it. With all of this it seems very unprofessional and you have to wonder if it's worth paying for, and what this website is all about.

创建者 Brendon R

Jun 14, 2020

The speech to text within the course was not really all that great and there was no addendum's or corrections to these mistakes. Further, the instructor did make a few mistakes which was also not rectified. To which I only picked up while I was listening to a cyber security audio book, Dawn of the Code War. I highly recommend that these are fixed and I hope that this doesn't occur on the courses where you can complete a capstone project? The information contained and progression on this was good and hopefully will have given me a good foundation for when I go to apply for the Applied Technology Focusing in Cyber Security Degree next year.

Cheers, Brendon

创建者 William M

Jul 20, 2022

The course audio quality is very poor. Each video has a brief introduction describing what the video goals and objectives are. That audio is fine. However, once the lesson begins, the instructor voice volume is low and unclear. It is like listening to a recorded telephone call. I spent a lot of time watching the transcript and not the video. Even the transcripts have many areas labeled [inaudible].

The audio quality is distracting and time consuming. I will choose another certificate provider.

Edit: I lowered my rating of this course after taking courses offered by other providers with much better quality material.

创建者 André V

Sep 29, 2020

I'm now one week in and I have to say I was surprised about the poor quality of the course. the information within the course is good although some things aren't really regarded as basics BUT all videos so far are with poor audio quality, and just a few powerpoint slides with some pictures of graphs.. I feel like I'm in university again. it's hard to enjoy the content cause it's so "black and white" and not engaging enough. it would be great to have better prepared courses in which maybe the people directly talk to you via good quality video and audio so you feel more inclined to follow what they say.

创建者 Gregg A

Jul 18, 2020

[Poorly produced videos - Horrible audio. Verbose and confusing grammar from some speakers]

The audio quality of the video, specially the presenters, are often bad as I mentioned in my comments on each. The delivery as well needs your close attention as more often the way the presenters speak were not intelligible and verbose. I heard sniffing sounds and encountered varying volume levels on speakers' presentation, made worse by wrong grammatical expressions. I can't help but replaying the videos of skipping them.

The content needs updating as I saw slides dated 2018.

创建者 Thomas A

Sep 6, 2020

The content of the course is good, without a question. But the way it's presented is not the kind i would expect it from a company like IBM. The sound quality of half of the videos is very poor. Sometimes it sounds as if it was recorded during a long distance phone call. One video obviously was recorded in an office while a tenacious visitor standing outside keeps knocking on the door. As most of the content is delivered by those videos, at most half of them in bad quality and hard to understand it does not really encourage you to keep on learning.

创建者 Zane J

Dec 13, 2021

B​ad audio, at times incomprhensible sentences. The audio should be clear, with no background noises. Some speakers had their audio recorded from their earphone microphones. Not acceptable. No glossary, so some terms and abbreviations used stay a mystery... Some speakers were to monotone, it was difficult to keep attention. Some deviated from their main thought mid-sentence, then jumped to a different topic, then back to the original thought. Some speakers basically read the slides.

I do not think this was worth my money.

创建者 Iain W B

Dec 20, 2020

The course relies on memory, not understanding. The audio was almost unintelligible, at times it sounded as if the lecturers were speaking from a satellite phone.

The course jumped from being extremely slow, in the first modules, to reliance on understanding of abbreviations that sometimes only have relevance in the US. There was little mention of European contrasts.

The assertion that this course requires little or no background knowledge is false. It’s a good job that I had years of prior experience in this field.

创建者 Jason P

Aug 2, 2021

The content is in-line with an intro to cyber security course, however, the questions and materials are plagued by grammar and spelling errors. Some of the quiz questions are incredibly vague leaving too much room for interpretation. The quizzes seem to test for semantics and memory of frivolous details over practical content. It's obvious IBM (or whoever they contracted) did not put much effort into this. Needs a good edit and overhaul but otherwise a good review of the basics.

创建者 Jan E

Apr 27, 2022

The course has quality content, however I expect from the instroctors to put a mic while recording the content to have a clear sound (most of the course content is obviously recorded from a laptop mic), not all instructors speaks proper english, and course content needs to be updated (newest content is 2019) it's a field that changes by the hour!

All said, the course is super beginner friendly, but I Expected better audio, graphics, and overall experience from coursera and IBM.

创建者 Caleb P

Aug 5, 2021

The information is good, but the presentation of it *really* needs work.

It feels like an early 2000's YouTube tutorial. Everything is grainy (even at the highest quality available - 720p), the sound quality is sub-par, and the instructors talk as if they're being held hostage.

I would say to find another course to study cybersecurity with, and perhaps just avoid all of IBM's courses entirely. If this one feels poorly made, I can't imagine how the others would be.

创建者 Lisa N

Aug 23, 2020

If I hadn't already taken the Open P-tech course I wouldn't have gotten very much from this one. It was difficult to understand many of the speakers and the transcripts were poorly done. I got more clarity on many topics from notes from the other P-tech course and simply by doing Google search on others. IBM should not allow this course to be published as is. However, I did learn a few things I didn't get from the other course hence 2 stars rather than none.


Nov 19, 2020

There are quite a few errors in the written translation where the words in the written translation are not what was said by the presenter. The course was tedious. Some of the speakers were hard to understand and were not very good at oral presentation. There was too much overlap and the course could be substantially shortened without losing the core information convey in the course. I was disappointed by this course and had expected that it would be better.