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Neuroimaging methods are used with increasing frequency in clinical practice and basic research. Designed for students and professionals, this course will introduce the basic principles of neuroimaging methods as applied to human subjects research and introduce the neuroscience concepts and terminology necessary for a basic understanding of neuroimaging applications. Topics include the history of neuroimaging, an introduction to neuroimaging physics and image formation, as well as an overview of different neuroimaging applications, including functional MRI, diffusion tensor imaging, magnetic resonance spectroscopy, perfusion imaging, and positron emission tomography imaging. Each will be reviewed in the context of their specific methods, source of signal, goals, and limitations. The course will also introduce basic neuroscience concepts necessary to understand the implementation of neuroimaging methods, including structural and functional human neuroanatomy, cognitive domains, and experimental design....



Aug 3, 2020

I plan to take Radiology Tech in college and I believe this online course is a great way to learn the basics and I also think that it is a good refresher for those who already took Neuroscience.


Jun 17, 2020

I found this course really useful for mi master thesis. I'm a Meng student and I'll work with MRI. This course provides to me with the basics to understand how the brain and neuroimaging work.


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创建者 Mohammed A T

May 1, 2020

I'm a student from Pharmacy background. Before taking this course I had almost zero knowledge on neuroimaging techniques. By completing the course I've learnt a lot about basic concepts of different neuroimaging techniques and theirs implementation including cognitive domain, experimental design etc. Throughout the course I've enjoyed honorable Professor's lectures so much. The way he presented his lectures was easily understandable.

创建者 Maria H

Apr 30, 2018

I really liked this course. It was short, very focused, had clear goals, deliverables, it had videos and pdf available, workload was reasonable and I had the option to buy the certificate at the end. I didn't had to click at many places, what I was required to do appeared one by one in a structured manner. I am a very busy person, and was not sure if I could finish the course in 4 weeks, this is why i didn't want to pay upfront.

创建者 Vitor H C C

Jul 16, 2020

It's a great course. It provides a very broad overview in different facets of Neuroscience and Neuroimaging and the information is passed very straightforwardly, with the instructor going straight to the point. The provided examples are very useful to understand the key concepts that they're trying to illustrate and it was an overall great experience taking this course. 10/10 recommended.

创建者 Parisa M

Aug 1, 2020

The modules have just the right amount of information to understand the basics and at the same time to not be overloaded with too much information. The forum questions engaged high order thinking and opened my eyes about how each module can be extended to further study research or applications. The quiz questions clearly related to the module and tested my understanding of the module.

创建者 Dr. H J

Nov 6, 2021

P​rof. Arnold Bakker has presented the course very nicely. From the begining of the anatomy of brain to the neuroimaging topics have been covered in appropriate depth. However, this course will require some knowledge of high school mathematics to appreciate the mathematics behind the imaging techniques. Many thanks to Prof. Arnold and the team for such a wonderful course.

创建者 Lee Y T

Aug 19, 2020

I did not have any knowledge about neuroimaging before I enrolled in this course. The lectures provided by Prof Arnold Bakker are very informative, and I have learnt a lot from the course. It is definitely a fruitful journey of learning neuroimaging. I highly recommend this course to people who need the fundamental knowledge about neuroimaging (like me).

创建者 Shivam K

Jul 5, 2019

The course has totally enhanced my knowledge and interest in the subject. I feel very fortunate to find this course. I would like to congratulate the professor for these wonderful lectures. Johns Hopkins is the university I dream about every day and night. Being a biomedical engineering student, it is my dream college. Thank You for this course.


创建者 Wei W

Jan 8, 2021

Thanks for Dr. Bakker! I like this course very much! I like the discussion part, it broadens my thinking way. Dr. Bakker is an excellent tutor, he gave some research reviews letting me know the current research point, which is amazing! Thanks for the recommendation of the books, I will read more about fMRI and also that recommended course!

创建者 Malamati V

Oct 15, 2020

The instructor was very thorough with all the concepts taught and the overall course really helped me revise my existing knowledge in Radiology and Neuroscience. Also the tests after every module are an excellent example of how all MOOC quizzes should be, since they always covered all the material in an effective and educative manner.

创建者 Dr B M

May 16, 2020

well begun is half done . This neuroimaging basics were nicely elucidated. The basic concepts are clearly explained by the learned professor. I am thankful coursera,This will definitely help me as a foundation for further studies of neuroimaging .I am thankful for your suggestion of important books for further reading. Thank you

创建者 Safaa H

Jun 16, 2019

It is very helpful. However, I find some difficulty when we proceed to week 3 where physics becomes dominant than medical issues. In addition, I had some questions but the response rate in the forum was not encourage able. The course will help me to develop my career. I learned many uses and applications. thank you sooooo much

创建者 Georgie L

Nov 19, 2018

I really enjoyed this course, it was an excellent introduction for me. I would have liked the multiple choice questions to have continued throughout the videos so that there was a more interactive nature. It would have been useful for one of the university members to respond to the discussion topics, perhaps a student.

创建者 Assina A

Jul 9, 2020

Thank you so much for this amazin course! I am a newbie in a Neuroscience (and absolute dummy in anatomy), nevertheless it was understandable for me and I am fully motivated right now to follow recommendations of Professor Arnold Bakker and continue performing my steps on the way of Neuroscience. Thanks again!

创建者 fatima k

Sep 29, 2019

I was given a fee waiver for this course. I'm really thankful to the team which provided the financial support. I have learned a lot from this course now I can go and start reading books related to neuroscience and learn more. I'm now also able to read and understand different scientific papers on neuroscience.

创建者 Cristian N

Sep 22, 2018

Muy interesante, enfoca las primeras dos semanas en repaso general de neurología y neurociencia, para luego dejar las 2 semanas finales para técnicas de neuroimagen y sus aplicaciones. No profundiza en clínica ni claves diagnósticas pero deja en claro que no es el objetivo del curso.

创建者 Jay M R

Jan 22, 2018

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. It has given me the interest and motivation to neuroscience further. Some parts of the course is tough-going, but the time spend on learning the material is well worth it. A big thank you to the team that produces such an excellent course.

创建者 Àlvar F i C

Dec 6, 2019

Very interesting and approachable course regarding neuroimaging basic concepts. It might get hard when it focuses on the physics of the MR scanner, but maybe it depends on your background.

Anyway, it has been very useful as a first contact with neuroimaging techniques.

创建者 Yamis

Feb 10, 2021

Although I have extended the course a little, I completed it in 5 weeks. I am a psychology student and I am interested in brain studies. This course is a complete introductory lecture, it covers everything from the basics. It was a very nice and productive course.

创建者 Daniel S

Apr 11, 2019

Sensacional, pois antes de entrar em detalhes acerca dos princípios de funcionamento da RMI, o curso dá uma excelente introdução à neuroanatomia e à neurofisiologia, fundamental, para interpretar corretamente as implicações das observações feitas nas ressonâncias.

创建者 Charles S

Dec 24, 2017

The course explores the essentials of neuroimaging at an excellent level with a neuroscience background but not necessarily having engaged with neuroimaging directly. All the terms are explained well with questions at the end of each module to check understanding.

创建者 Andrea S

Nov 19, 2020

I think it was really informative course. Good and understandable reading - I'm a big fan of examples and I'm not disappointed. I don't have a lot of background in neuroscience and this was very good and was definitely a big help for my later studies. Thank you!

创建者 Nc G S

Jun 22, 2020

I wanted to have an overview of MRI and fMRI techniques, as I have some experiences with non-invasive brain stimulations, that was really nice course. I learned a lot. Thanks a lot, Mr Bakker and his group for providing wide and specific material. Cheers, NC

创建者 mahsa s

Feb 17, 2022

The course was well-combined in neuroimaging techniques in a simple and applicable way. The only comment I have is about the images, which were unclear even when you zoom, and if the lecturer engages more, there will be no more comments. Thanks, Coursera!

创建者 chathura

Feb 7, 2021

Absolutely brilliant course. Since I'm from a computer science background, this course helped e a lot to learn the basics of neuroscience concepts. Clearly, explanation and teaching slides are very useful. Thank you very much for the great course.

创建者 Mariia D

May 5, 2020

Useful and interesting course, gives a good understanding of types of MRI and their purpose. However, it was quite difficult for a person with minimal experience in medicine and physics, as it does not provide explicit details/explanations.