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学生对 约翰霍普金斯大学 提供的 Fundamental Neuroscience for Neuroimaging 的评价和反馈

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Neuroimaging methods are used with increasing frequency in clinical practice and basic research. Designed for students and professionals, this course will introduce the basic principles of neuroimaging methods as applied to human subjects research and introduce the neuroscience concepts and terminology necessary for a basic understanding of neuroimaging applications. Topics include the history of neuroimaging, an introduction to neuroimaging physics and image formation, as well as an overview of different neuroimaging applications, including functional MRI, diffusion tensor imaging, magnetic resonance spectroscopy, perfusion imaging, and positron emission tomography imaging. Each will be reviewed in the context of their specific methods, source of signal, goals, and limitations. The course will also introduce basic neuroscience concepts necessary to understand the implementation of neuroimaging methods, including structural and functional human neuroanatomy, cognitive domains, and experimental design....



Apr 08, 2019

I am an engineering graduate and wanted to learn fundamentals of Neuroscience for Neuroimaging studies. This course helped me a lot, highly recommended as an introductory course.


Dec 26, 2017

Enjoyable, sweet and to the point. Though, a bit too fast. Thankfully, the video medium accommodates for that with play-speed modification. Learned a lot of new information


126 - Fundamental Neuroscience for Neuroimaging 的 150 个评论(共 153 个)

创建者 Jaime R

Apr 19, 2018

Good course on imaging techniques with a short introduction, however, much less comprehensive than other neurobiology courses on Coursera

创建者 Diego I A

Mar 25, 2020

Great course. But I think that it will be great that the course focuses more in the clinical aspects of the neuroimaging techniques.

创建者 Venkateshwaran S

Jul 08, 2018

Brilliant , Easy to understand , using it in conjunction with other neuroscience courses. Help build knowledge base .

创建者 Rahul M

Mar 03, 2018

You get everything as per the title. Slightly short course. Can go in greater depth and be harder

创建者 Sergio U

Feb 13, 2018

Good introduction to the theme. Gives a big picture to the recent developments in the area.

创建者 Luis A M G

Jun 20, 2019

This course is really introductory, and a good starting point for advanced courses.

创建者 Mohand M R

Oct 05, 2019

the instructor need to improve his explanation skills, but he was really great

创建者 Mostafa K M

Mar 25, 2020

The course content is very good to learn the fundamentals of Neuro Imaging.

创建者 Madhava T

Oct 10, 2019

It is really good for beginners who wish to understand Neuroimaging.

创建者 Buthinah

Sep 09, 2018

It's little bit boring , but it is informative and worth to study.

创建者 Alaa S

Mar 26, 2019

A good introductory course for anyone new in this field

创建者 fatemeh h

Jun 18, 2018

better if it has more information n more detail

创建者 Tracy A H

Nov 27, 2019

The course is nice and detailed!

创建者 Guruansh K

Sep 19, 2019

a bit hard

创建者 girish b

Jan 12, 2018

thanx sir

创建者 Julio C N P

Dec 22, 2017



创建者 shreya c

Jun 18, 2019

Good coverage of topics but the way it's explained is very theoretical and technical. It would be better if it was taught using simpler languages and perhaps using charts diagrams and examples.

创建者 Charmi R P

Oct 19, 2019

Excellent brief up about different structural and functional approaches of brain imaging, but the mechanism of operations of each imaging studies should have been elaborated more in depth

创建者 Ritika S

Feb 19, 2020

I did not really like the instructor. Even though the course was informative, the instruction bandwidth was rather mundane. However, I'm still thankful for the opportunity!

创建者 Lina T L

Jan 19, 2020

This course was good but focused mainly on MRI and fMRI techniques. I feel that other techniques for neuroimaging lacked depth of information.

创建者 Xinyao Z

Sep 01, 2019

It's not that helpful even for people of fields other than neuroscience. But good to have an overview of terminologies and some basic points.

创建者 Maryia M

Nov 02, 2019

The lectures are not structured enough, in order to obtain information you have to constantly stop them and write down.


Dec 14, 2018


创建者 Mark S

Mar 01, 2020

This course demands way too much for a coursera course. Minimum 15 hours a week, if you have a solid foundation in Anatomy. I have a MA and work in biotech. I'm not a stupid person, but I couldn't keep up. I gave up. This is the first thing I've given up on in a long time. I've already paid. I feel cheated.

It is not comparable to other coursera courses. Be forewarned. Taking this ONE coursera course is like having a 20-25 hour a week part-time job. Don't plan on having a life or doing anything except this course. If you work full-time, I would strongly recommend against attempting it.

创建者 Jonathan G

Jan 25, 2018

interesting course. However it was repetitive and complex and didn't really explain how an MRI at sea works. A lot of what was on the tests were not covered in the course.