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学生对 Linux 基金会 提供的 Open Source Software Development Methods 的评价和反馈

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In this course, we will define what open source software is, we will go over the history of open source software and what benefits it has provided to the world’s technology infrastructure over the decades. The course aims to teach you how to work in open source projects productively and gain a lot of benefits from it, and really understand what the advantages are. You will learn about collaboration best practices, and how to encourage diversity in open source projects. We will discuss the different licensing models that are available, as this will help you decide what the best license is for your project. We will talk about methods that are commonly used, such as Continuous Integration, and use of GitHub and other hosting providers as a central meeting place for open source projects, and we will provide some examples of successful open source projects....



May 3, 2020

Honestly, this course provide introduces the world of open source projects and development to anyone. It's really explanative and helpful. I suggest this to anyone who want to understand what OSS is.


Jun 22, 2020

The course contains comprehensive knowledge about development methods in Open Source Software. I would recommend this course for anyone who is interested in OSS and wants to have a proper idea of it.


226 - Open Source Software Development Methods 的 250 个评论(共 251 个)

创建者 Nithin

Jun 30, 2021

vey helpful.

创建者 Federico A

Nov 6, 2020

Buen curso.

创建者 Akash R

Mar 26, 2019

only theory

创建者 Takahide M

Aug 16, 2021

very good.


Aug 23, 2021


创建者 David L

Jun 4, 2021

As an introduction to the specialty, it's fine. As a standalone course, there wasn't much of value. I watch some videos saying how awesome open source is, and some very basic elements of what makes a good project, but it was kind of fluff. I felt like I just watched an infomercial for Open Source Software.

创建者 Markus T

Feb 24, 2022

V​ideos, Quiz and Tasks are well made and of high quality. Good instructor. Content is a lot about motivations and pointing out the advantages of open source. I missed getting to know tools, best practices and doing hands on tasks.

创建者 Shashwat J

Apr 5, 2021

Too introductory. Peer graded assignments were good however too many exercises just lengthened the duration of the course. More time should be devoted to the core topics which require considerable understanding

创建者 Mark R

Sep 19, 2021

Decent intro to OSS, but there is a lot uncesssary content. The course needs to be more techinical. Do we really need a whole section on Diversity? Most businesses already have that covered.

创建者 Harrison B

Sep 11, 2019

A great introduction to the idea of OSS, however this course is really let down by the number of group assessed projects and the fact that you can see exactly who assessed your work everytime

创建者 Kaleem A

Jun 15, 2020

Very basic course probably aimed at novices who known nothing about open source. Some of the contents (e.g. github private/public repo cost) need update.

创建者 yi h

Oct 21, 2021

it's a introduction part of a technical paper, informative but useless if you want to learn some actual operations

创建者 Jaap v d B

Mar 22, 2021

Nice introduction, but missing the practical experiences


Aug 5, 2020

Needs to be more interactive.

创建者 bat m

Jan 23, 2021

it was a bit rootamentary.

创建者 James H

Aug 27, 2020

very high level

创建者 Киба В Ю

Sep 22, 2019


创建者 Pallerla A K

Jul 8, 2020

Although the initiative is great and its a good start, The course requires no pre-requisites and as such is expected to cater the needs of the same. It barely shows presentations read by the instructor and directs you to some links which are of course useful. Would have been nice if the instructor dived a bit in detail from a beginners stand point.

创建者 Anurag K

Mar 15, 2020

Instructor seemed hurried. Not even allowing the student to read through the slides. Not explaining anything.

创建者 Russel S

Mar 8, 2020

Too theoretical

创建者 Clifton A F

Aug 27, 2021

I was very excited t take a course from the Linux Foundation as I am currently studying for my Linux+, but I have not enjoyed the experience. OI am currently in course 2 of 4 and I'm still learning from a disembodied voice reading a PowerPoint with no examples. In fact the labs I've encountered so far in course 2 are all read and perform commands with no video explanation. Thankfully I have some working knowledge with Linux or I would be completely lost. 1/5 not for beginners ether.

创建者 Emil S

Jan 23, 2020

Please add something valuable to this course. So far it is purely introduction course, and I didn't learn anything really useful.


Aug 19, 2021

Not getting any reviews on assignments

创建者 HXQ

Nov 4, 2019

It's just a robotic slide repeater.

创建者 slimane b

Feb 21, 2022

bad cours , no practice