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The main goal of this class is to gain an introductory exposure to the nature of the psychiatric disorder known as schizophrenia as revealed by the scientific method. We will discuss a broad range of findings from the scientific investigation of biological and psychological factors related to schizophrenia and its treatment. More specifically we will learn about: (1) key symptomatic features through discussion and enactments of interviews with actors portraying many of the cardinal features of the illness, (2) what brain imaging studies (MRI and fMRI) and neurochemistry have taught us about the neuroscience of the disorder, (3) scientific psychological data and theories concerning cognition, emotion and behavior in schizophrenia, and (4) current, evidence-based somatic and psychosocial approaches to treatment. A brief historical overview of the recent emergence of the psychiatric category of schizophrenia will be presented as well....


May 5, 2021

Given information is very clear and easy to understand.\n\nI really appreciate that it is just the most important parts and not the whole science or odd information.\n\nThank you, I learned so much.

Feb 8, 2021

Information and learning was far more than I expected. The lectures were clear, crisp and the information provided was relevant. I enjoyed the course and learnt quite a lot about the subject matter.


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创建者 Elena A

May 6, 2021

Given information is very clear and easy to understand.

I really appreciate that it is just the most important parts and not the whole science or odd information.

Thank you, I learned so much.

创建者 Sherri G

Sep 4, 2019

Very informative, the professor is engaging. The demonstrations were especially useful in allowing the student to see the positive and negative symptoms in action.

创建者 Yağmur Ş

Oct 20, 2017

Although the course covered both psychologic and scientific sides of schizophrenia, the same information was repeated all over the course. The information that was provided was crucial and enough, but the repetitions lengthened the course. However, there was an interactive part in which the learner observed a schizophrenic and answered some leading questions.

创建者 Elena M

Feb 23, 2018

I am a retired nurse, a member of my family has just been diagnosed with this disease. I wanted to use this as one of many learning tools. It did not teach me practical, usable information to be able to better live with and improve the life of my relative.

创建者 Ritika S

May 2, 2020

It is informative, but I didn't enjoy the delivery much. Pedagogy could've been more engaging. Regardless, glad to have had the opportunity. Thanks a lot!

创建者 Timothy

Jun 13, 2018

Some of the material is inaccurate. The examples simplistic, exaggerated and somewhat encouraging of the stigma surrounding the illness.

创建者 Yulia S

Aug 5, 2020

Professor Kurtz went over concepts at a steady pace, giving viewers lots of chances to digest information. The demonstration videos and forums were helpful exercises that tested my observation skills and helped me see what the symptoms for schizophrenia may look like and how much they may differ. The exams covered most of the essential parts of the course and gave me a good idea of what areas I could improve on.

I really enjoyed this class and would recommend it to my friends, including those who are not psychology or neuroscience majors.

Thank you! :)

创建者 Britton E

Sep 10, 2020

I learned so much in this course. I have always been interested in schizophrenia and the professor is clearly an expert in this field. I loved how he set up the class and his lectures were so interesting to watch and listen to. I really liked the examples acted out to show the different types of symptoms. That made me aware that schizophrenia is almost a spectrum like disorder, like autism.

创建者 tuna e

Aug 26, 2020

This course was seriously one of the best in Coursera, much more in depth than most online courses one can find and it even includes perfectly constructed case examples. Anyone that works or plans to work in mental health settings should take this course, even if it's just to refresh the information you already know from previous professional education. The professor was amazing.

创建者 Don P

May 11, 2021

Highly impressed with Professor Kurtz's style, knowledge, and comprehensive instruction. He is definitely an asset to his university. Why would you want to take his course? The delivery is spot on. Plenty of Psych courses can be dry and uninviting. Prof. Kurtz has the capacity to deliver the info AND make it a happy learning experience.


Nov 30, 2020

Great course if one is interested in learning about Schizophrenia. The proffesor was understandable, use pictures and examples to help us understand better, the symptoms and expression of them in patients with Schizophrenia. I recommend this course to anyone who works/studies in health and mental health departments.

创建者 Bahia L

Jun 11, 2018

It is a very interesting course. Professor goes deeply in the subject and gives details.The course is really a package that contains all what is related to schizophrenia. The modules are organized in a logic manner and the chapters as well.Professor Kurz teaches with all his senses. He transmits knowledge with love.

创建者 Tsering D

Oct 27, 2019

It was very informative and very useful for me to understand about the schizophrenia clients. It will also help me to be more clear to take action on bases of needs. Special thanks to Dr Matt Kurtz for making the lecture simple and easy to understand. Thank you to everyone who has been doing this great job.

创建者 Daniel E

Dec 20, 2020

This is an insightful course that helps me know about this particular mental disorder and how certain symptoms overlaps with similar disorders. I love how this course shows the origins of this certain category of mental disorders in the Psychological, Neurological, and Historical perspective.

创建者 Jasmine T

Jan 29, 2021

Very informative. I really loved it. It's really insightful. I realised my understanding of schizophrenia was actually quite 2D but now I realise the multilayered and multifaceted nature of the mental illness. There's still so much more to learn that I don't know and that no one knows...

创建者 Beatriz d N W

Jun 20, 2019

I sincerely enjoyed this course. It has helped me to understand the illness and learn about it , so with some knowledge and understanding I feel better equipped to contribute to ameliorate their situation in the society.

I like to thank professor Matts Kurtz and the staff for the course.

创建者 Omama K

Jun 22, 2020

The course covers all the major and significant areas associated with Schizophrenia. The instructors, especially, is very clear in conveying the ideas and concepts. He also conveys at an appropriate pace so that the listener has enough time to understand and absorb the concepts.

创建者 Jan H

Mar 5, 2018

Very nice course on schizophrenia. I would especially recommend this course to medical students interested in the topic, as, in contrast to medschool, you get good overview over evidence based psychological and social interventions, instead of talking only about antipychotics.

创建者 Jenniffer V M

Sep 14, 2020

Eu gostei bastante do curso pois da uma visão bem geral de como é esse transtorno e de como podemos ajudar as pessoas que sofrem com isso. Também é muito bom aprender quais as diferentes maneiras que a esquizofrenia afeta o ser humano. Obrigada por esse curso super didático!

创建者 Jose F d G F

Jul 8, 2020

I appreciated the presentation of a historical context to diagnosis and treatment of schizophrenia which also made certain to cover the biological, psychological, and social factors involved as well as the different theories and treatments along with the bases for these.

创建者 Rebecca C

Apr 2, 2020

This helped broaden my understanding of how to work with patients that experience both positive and negative symptoms of schizophrenia. This is a topic that I feel usually gets brushed over in ab psych and an important topic for providers working in inpatient psych.

创建者 elnaz a

May 25, 2020

It’s been exciting and informative course that I really need to learn to improve my skills and treatment for some patients who i had especially with negative symptoms, now I’m more excited about my future as a PHD student which i want to apply, thank you professor.

创建者 Linda

Jul 22, 2020

Very interesting course until the end. Realistic view into four patient casuses (actors). Very clear course. Not so many enumerations of theories but very practical and informative. There is a lot of variation. Not boring at all.

Thank you very much Professor Kurz.

创建者 Alvin J J

May 24, 2020

One of the best lecture on Schizophrenia, Will apply the knowledge to treat my patients better. Thanks, Dr Matt Kurtz, and Coursera for the opportunity to learn. I believe this course can help me to treat my patients better and ease their life.

-Dr Alvin (India)

创建者 Ankit B

Mar 9, 2020

Being taught my ideal professor is the best thing I can ever have. I learnt why brain, despite all of its complexities, is beautiful and worthy topic of scientific exploration. My interest in neuropsychology has increased many folds after doing this course.