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学生对 伦敦大学 提供的 响应式网站基础:HTML、CSS 与 JavaScript 的评价和反馈

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In this course you will learn three key website programming and design languages: HTML, CSS and JavaScript. You will create a web page using basic elements to control layout and style. Additionally, your web page will support interactivity. At the end of the course, you will be able to: 1. Define the purpose of HTML, CSS and JavaScript 2. Make a simple web page using HTML 3. Use CSS to control text styles and layout 4. Use CSS libraries such as Bootstrap to create responsive layouts 5. Use JavaScript variables and functions 6. Manipulate web page content using JavaScript 7. Respond to user input using JavaScript In this course, you will complete: 2 assignments writing HTML, CSS and JavaScript, each taking ~1 hour to complete 4 quizzes, each taking ~20 minutes to complete 1 programming exercise~30 minutes to complete multiple practice quizzes, each taking ~5 minutes to complete Participation in or completion of this online course will not confer academic credit for University of London programmes....


Oct 10, 2017

Thought the course did a great job of teaching the basics without getting too ahead of itself. All of the sample code was well commented out to explain exactly what the code did which was very helpful

May 26, 2018

This is an excellent course for the basics in html, css and js I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wanted to build a simple but interactive website using one of the many frameworks available


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Aug 29, 2020

Very good lesson for a first approach in Web Development providing basic knowledge in HTML, CSS, Javascript

创建者 Arunselvan A

Jun 24, 2020

This course was very good and the professors Mathew and Marco did a very good teaching stuff to students.😄

创建者 Aiman A

Jul 26, 2018

Great course for beginnners. This course help me understand some basic concepts of HTML CSS and Javascript.

创建者 Mauro T

Feb 26, 2019

Great course, great platform, great methodology! I'm not a programmer and I understand most of the course!

创建者 pratyush s

May 22, 2016

I am armed with programming skills by doing this course.Thanks to all the teachers who taught me so nicely

创建者 Ernesto A F

Jan 18, 2016

As the name says: very basic, but it's a very good start to get into the next course in the specialization

创建者 Sviatoslav B

Dec 23, 2017

Great course for beginners. Listen to the lecturer carefully to make assignments successfully. Good luck!

创建者 Karthikeyan R

Nov 27, 2015

Fantastic beginners course.. A must for all starters :) and the video as well as the lectures are awesome

创建者 Faiq R

Aug 16, 2020

great course for beginners. everyone should enroll this course. explanation is good and tasks is normal.

创建者 Raiyan J

Apr 15, 2020

Best source to begin learning about web designing and development. Highly recommended for the beginners.

创建者 Terpase T G

Jul 22, 2019

This course was really important to me as it gave me extra insight on web development using html and css

创建者 Jordão F B

Jan 17, 2017

Nice and very detailed course with some basic information about the web technologies and great examples.

创建者 Valeriya L

Dec 4, 2015

The course is very practical and everything is clearly explained. It is suitable for complete beginners.

创建者 Ajay K M

May 25, 2020

I really enjoyed the online course. I thought it was well planned and layed out, easy for me to follow.

创建者 Martin R

Feb 26, 2016

Finally, cool course that shows you the grow of it. This course can make everyone being a professional.

创建者 Pooja S

Aug 6, 2020

The Teachers are amazing. I completed this course within few days. And it was fun learning new things.

创建者 sujay k C

Nov 28, 2018

Very good learning with the course, it will teach us from the basics and can understand anyone easily.

创建者 Alisher A

Feb 2, 2021

Good explanation, but Javascript part is not bit clear and the last assignment is tough for beginner.

创建者 Collins O

Mar 16, 2017

Very well structured introductory course. Could do better with more challenging assignments, though.

创建者 Paulo R

Jan 4, 2016

Fast paced coding introdution to HTML, CSS and JavaScript, but easy to understand even for beginners.

创建者 John D J

Sep 19, 2015

Great course, they feed us in small morsels, and you can stop the video and write some code yourself.

创建者 Leah S

Apr 13, 2020

The material is explained very well, so people with all levels of prior knowledge can follow easily.

创建者 Arif M

Nov 22, 2019

All the topics, have been organized in very well mannered. Kudos to Mathew and Marco. Keep rocking!

创建者 abdiwahab j s

Nov 13, 2019

this is very help full course about the basic web developing and great teachers teaching the course

创建者 Shadi D

Dec 7, 2017

Very easy to follow, and the video lessons made understanding the course material and coding simple.