Working with Amazon DynamoDB using Python & Boto3

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Learn how to create tables in DynamoDB using Python & boto3.

Learn how to perform CRUD operations in DynamoDB.

Learn how to perform Query, Scan & Indexing Operations for efficient retrieval of data.

Clock2 hours
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In this 2-hours long project, we will look at how to work with DynamoDB, a fully managed NoSQL Database provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) using Python & Boto3. We will look at how to generate credentials to programmatically access AWS resources. We will then look at how to create a DynamoDB Table and load data in it. We will then move on to how to perform CRUD operations in DynamoDB which include Create new records, Reading, updating and deleting existing records. We will then look at how to perform Queries to retrieve data from a table using the primary key. We will then look at Scan operation which reads every item in the entire table and look at how to apply filters on the retrieved data to retrieve data without using a primary key. Finally we will see how to create an Index, specifically Global Secondary Index (GSI), to perform queries (an efficient alternative to Scan) on the database using fields which are non-primary key. Note: This course works best for learners who are based in the North America region. We’re currently working on providing the same experience in other regions.


  • aws
  • Database (DBMS)
  • Python Programming
  • NoSQL
  • Amazon Dynamodb



  1. Introduction to DynamoDB & Generating Credentials for programmatic Access

  2. Creating a DynamoDB Table & Loading Data

  3. CRUD Operations: Create and Read

  4. CRUD Operations: Update and Delete

  5. Querying a AWS DynamoDB Table

  6. Performing Scan Operations on AWS DynamoDB

  7. Creating Global Secondary Index (GSI) to perform queries






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