英语面试与简历撰写 专项课程

开始日期 2月 20

英语面试与简历撰写 专项课程

Master the English Job Search Process

Gain tools and strategies to navigate the complex path of interviewing and resume writing in English


This specialization will help you develop the English language strategies and communication skills you need to advance in your professional career. Whether you already have a successful career and are looking to move forward, whether you’re looking to change careers, whether you’re starting out in the world of work, or whether you’re coming back into the world of work after some time away – if you believe in working for more than a paycheck, then this specialization will help you. The core courses cover preparing for a successful job search, including self research and research of the job market and industries of interest; strengthening your interview skills by recognizing what hiring managers are looking for and taking steps to prepare for the types of tough questions today's premier companies use; and preparing a resume, cover letter and supporting business documents. The capstone will allow you to apply the skills you learn in this specialization to your own job search. A key benefit of this specialization is the opportunities you'll have to practice your interviewing skills with other job-seekers from around the world. You’ll give them feedback and they’ll give you feedback. In this process, you’ll gain new insight into what makes a speaker successful and you’ll gain confidence in your English interviewing skills.


5 courses






Intermediate Specialization.
Some related experience required.
  1. 第 1 门课程

    Interview Research and Preparation

    当前班次:2月 20 — 4月 3。


    此課程為首個「英語面試及撰寫履歷」引導你發掘興趣,天賦和能力的專業課程。你可以用它來尋找和做能充分發揮自己的強項、激情和你的個性的工作,這樣你就可以開始做對自己和世界有價值的工作。無論你已經在職或在尋找機遇更上一層樓,無論你正考慮轉行,無論你正開始踏足工作的世界,無論你是過了一段時間了再回去工作的世界 - 本課程將幫助您更加清晰了解您的要走的路,將教你如何使雇主可以馬上清楚知道你的價值。 完成此課程後,您將能夠:1)用你的個人認知,社會和情感特質,及你感興趣的領域,以發掘如何尋找未來可以給你最大的滿足的工作; 2)確定轉移最大價值技能誰及你感興趣的工作的雇主; 3)用簡單的策略,以有效和令人信服的方式向雇主展示你的技能。
  2. 第 2 门课程

    Successful Interviewing

    即将开课的班次:2月 27 — 4月 10。


    The goal of hiring managers is not just to hire people who need a job. It’s to hire people who believe in their organization, its mission and the work that’s involved in the job position. Every hiring manager knows: Hire people to do a job and they’ll work for your money. Hire people who believe in the work and they’ll work for their passion. And this is not a case of “fake it until you make it.” You have to be genuine about your belief in an organization and its mission. That means you have to have researched the industry, the company, and the position – and be able to show how your goals in life align with the company’s mission. Having done so will shape the impression you convey as a candidate, the way you answer traditional questions, and the way you demonstrate that you’re the right candidate for the job. This course is the second in a five-course specialization. We recommend that courses #1, #2 and #3 be taken in sequence. Course #4 - on resume and cover letter writing - can be taken in any sequence, while course #5 is the capstone for the specialization as a whole. This course can be thought of as "Interviewing I", while course #3 is "Interviewing II." Course #3 covers more advanced interview formats, including behavioral and situational interviews - along with the special case of telephone screenings. The logic for including telephone screenings - which happen at the start of the interview process - late in this specialization on interviewing is that those screenings, while happening early in the process, involve all the skills that you'll learn from course #1 through course #3. As for this course, it will teach you how to: 1. Do thorough research on a company of your choice. 2. Prepare for those critical first 3-5 minutes of an interview (when many recruiters say an interview is either won or lost). 3. Prepare for the all important "Tell Me About Yourself" question. 4. Prepare for traditional interview questions. 5. Use strategies for handling the salary question. We don't teach you salary negotiation techniques, but we do teach you how to avoid putting yourself in a weak negotiation position. 6. Prepare an elevator speech - all three variations. 7. Use persuasive speech techniques to present professional accomplishments and qualifications in a manner that conveys benefits to a potential employer. 8. Use persuasive speech techniques to convince a potential employer of your interest, motivation and preparation for a particular position. 9. Adapt your nonverbal communication style to the expectations of English-speaking interviewers.
  3. 第 3 门课程


    即将开课的班次:3月 6 — 4月 17。


    今日的求职者常常失败,这是因为他们总是使用昨天的策略。招聘技术变得越来越数字化,而且优秀的雇主总是不断的改变他们的面试方式。 这项课程包含了详细的解决方式,帮助你处理能力面试 行为面试,让你能够向雇主展示他们需要的知识 技能和能力。 通过学习这项课程,你将能够: 明白雇主机构使用行为面试的目标 使用STAR方法以及合理正确的语言去回应行为面试的问题 通过回答行为和能力方面的问题,向雇主沟通你的个人价值 明白雇主使用情景问题和外卡面试问题的原因 知道P.R.E.P和 5W的方法步骤,使用合乎逻辑的语言去回答至少一个外卡问题和两个情景面试问题 在知道雇主为什么问缺点问题的基础上,使用乐观的策略去回应 通过对于缺点的回复,展示你个人的优势和成熟 正确使用模糊的语言去弱化负面,用激情的语言去展现学术背景或者专业背景当中积极的方面 提问有关问题去确定雇主是否和你的个性,职业目标以及期望薪酬相匹配 提问问题去提高你的竞争力和强项 为你自己去争取优厚的待遇和薪酬补贴 在电面中取得成功
  4. 第 4 门课程

    Writing Winning Resumes and Cover Letters

    当前班次:2月 20 — 3月 27。
    4 weeks of study, 1-3 hours/week


    How can you bring your resume to the top of the pile? How can you present yourself to prospective employers using the language they already speak inside their organization? This course will give you answers to those questions. You will learn how to convert a boring resume into a dynamic asset statement that conveys your talents in the language that an employer understands. After completing this course, you will be able to: 1. Identify the real purpose of a resume. 2. Identify relevant competencies for a position. 3. Adapt your resumes to Applicant Tracking Systems (resume screening software). 4. Write powerful and convincing accomplishment statements using your accomplishments inventory to strategically assemble the most relevant evidence of competency for a specific position. 5. Use the resume skills tier method to strengthen your resume. 6. Write summary sections and objective statements aligned to a job position. 7. Take advantage of web resources to find power language for your resume. 8. Produce a strong resume in a format that is suitable both to your background and the position you're interested in. 9. Produce strong cover letters that use A.I.D.A. to help you achieve your career goals. 10. Produce effective follow-up letters that help you stand out from the competition.
  5. 第 5 门课程

    How To Land the Job You Want (Capstone Project)

    即将开课的班次:3月 6 — 5月 8。
    8 weeks of study, 3-4 hours/week


    In the capstone project, you will combine the skills you’ve learned in the prior four courses of the specialization to polish your elevator speeches, complete your resumes - including multiple versions for different targets - complete your story file, identify possible jobs or careers, perform the research you have learned to do, write suitable cover letters, and ideally land a job! You will: 1. Develop a personal marketing plan and campaign for getting interviews. 2. Identify at least three organizations with open positions for which you want to apply. 3. Research those organizations and positions. 4. Prepare pitch sheets and J.I.S.T. cards (mini-resumes) targeting those positions. 5. Complete your resume, and if necessary complete multiple versions to target each position. 6. Write appropriate cover letters for the positions. 7. Record and evaluate responses to a set of standard interview questions. 8. Record and evaluate responses to a set of predictable behavioral interview questions. 9. Record and evaluate a response to one situational interview question. 10. Record and evaluate a response to one wild-card question. As the specialization has focused throughout on the real-world skills you need to research yourself, the market, and a company and has given you strategies and tools to prepare for and succeed in an interview, the capstone project should align with what you have been trained for and position you to land the job you want!


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