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学生对 西澳大利亚大学 提供的 Agriculture, Economics and Nature 的评价和反馈

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Sound economic thinking is crucial for farmers because they depend on good economic decision making to survive. Governments depend on economic information to make good policy decisions on behalf of the community. This course will help you to contribute to better decision making by farmers, or by agencies servicing agriculture, and it will help you to understand why farmers respond to policies and economic opportunities in the ways they do. You can use this course to improve your skills and knowledge and to assess whether this is a subject that you'd like to study further. The course includes high-quality video lectures, interviews with experts, demonstrations of how to build economic models in spreadsheets, practice quizzes, and a range of recommended readings and optional readings. Assessment is by quizzes and a final exam. The key economic principles that we’ll learn about can help us understand changes that have occurred in agriculture, and support improved decision making about things like agricultural production methods, agricultural input levels, resource conservation, and the balance between agricultural production and its environmental impacts. There are literally thousands of agricultural economists around the world who work on these issues, so there is a wealth of knowledge to draw on for the course. Watch a brief video about our course here:


Jul 18, 2020

Very rich syllabus and highly interesting course. Thinking of applying for MSc. in Agric Economics, I never give it a thought until I took this course. Thanks to the University of Western AUSTRALIA.

Jul 3, 2021

The whole course gave me economic insight of the agriculture. Also, prepared me to see the agriculture projects and products from the economic perspective's. I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions.


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创建者 José A M M

Sep 2, 2019

It is a very good course, I learned too much!


Aug 19, 2018

very educative and lots of academic knowledge

创建者 Nelson R L V

Apr 6, 2021

Great content, videos, cases and methodology

创建者 Aadam A D

Oct 24, 2020

Very important course

Thank you coursera

创建者 Akiyode O

Apr 13, 2017


创建者 Zohaib u R B

Aug 24, 2018

Great learning and interesting course

创建者 Muhsin A a

Jun 17, 2017

I am very grateful for this course.

创建者 Abhijeet B

Sep 1, 2016

Enriching content coupled with

创建者 oumaima a

Nov 3, 2016

i like this course very much

创建者 King'ori k

Jun 25, 2021

Awesome course. I loved it.

创建者 Javad R

Jan 8, 2017

Such an informative course

创建者 Issifu R

Dec 17, 2016

A good and relevant course

创建者 Titirat K

Mar 9, 2017

it is a great course!!!!

创建者 Natia T

Dec 28, 2021

Excellent but difficult

创建者 vaggelis b

Sep 23, 2021

very good, thank you

创建者 Pasindu M R

Mar 3, 2021

Very useful course

创建者 Sreela P R

Aug 3, 2020

Excellent learning

创建者 David C S

Aug 26, 2019

Excelente Curso

创建者 leonard k

Mar 11, 2018

i love this

创建者 rony p r

Sep 17, 2016

best course

创建者 Diego C

Dec 30, 2017


创建者 Jhon F R R

Jun 16, 2021


创建者 chounlamuty l

Feb 28, 2017

I'm 29 years old, Staff/teacher of Add to dictionary University, Lao PDR, Professional Affiliation is Livestock and Animal help care Unit Service, Technical ISU, teaching And Researcher Unit of Animal science, Faculty of Agriculture and Environment, Savannaket University, Lao PDR

Detail about me :

The basic on my particular subject is focusing The Livestock Management to Produced to merchandise and Marketing management planning in regional. But, the knowledge - my skills is a difference with academics general. Whether the knowledge - skills on the improve and development livestock with diversify, veterinary , can work with people or farmers in locally is very well, knowledge - skills about design model on research Both on the scientific social and experiment, writing research proposal, Research issue ...

So, the based on fact of my origin, is come from families with relatively poor of status since Congenital up to currently. Limit of money is as the key factor to my work and deprived to study on higher degree. So, I have to learn for experience by own throughout. And also, I’m built many activities focus Agriculture production sure: rice growing along with livestock for food security and Extra Income for my family. Over the past, on my life Is as normally will have to the faces with the actual fight with challenge on production agriculture in every day. The mainly is: deteriorating on the abundance of natural resources and the Influence competition on market system including a wide open on the system of global trade liberalization of worldwide Become a channel for integration markets system on international level come in to regional the easier. Which is cannot avoid the chance to variability in terms of Popularity, distinguish grade of production and pressure on price of product. Has not balance between Price yielded and cost on productivity. Therefore, I’m try to learn and experience by my selves throughout Can find something to helpful on reduction the cost on my productivity and help to increase the effective on my production processing focus livestock. And can discover Some methods to evolution my livestock Process become as the Producing to Sales in current. The following is:

1) I’m can design and constructing the Incubators hatchery 3 models, in each3 models has 4 sizes(The mean as to chicken (low price and high Quality).

2) I’m can Creating new feed for chicken, duct and quail Recipes 3 by utilization mulberry fruit enzyme Microorganism extract (Probiotic) income on fermentation processing of cassava with Cassava leaf sundry. Become to ingredient in feed its can help to low cost 2/5 of Feed concentrate price. But efficiency neighborhoods with general of concentrations.

3) I’m can creating new supplement for Ruminant by utilization Probiotic fermentation’s cassava with Cassava leaf sundry (+Urea 1%) Building Supplements for ruminant focus for helps to keep weight during on dry season and help to in cases the effective on use nutrition in rice straw of cattle

In each discover, an as the physical on innovative are created from the livestock system in my family to oriented on basic structure of activity from step by step, with the integration among theory - scientific principles to as the concept on under the base of conditions and potentially exiting to evaluate on probability along with the consider from the capacity on use and mean balance of cost production per products prices to as the indicator on efficient of providing productive per time on production process. The result from such innovative of discover is good. And in current have many families of population and smallholder in community using my Idea and my product to improve the animal production system of them. However, It is only applied to the personal relationship nature in Narrow. There are don’t have to publish official In the wide rings. My degree in current It’s still as key to limit on the Confidence From various organizations In both government and private, which created Inside and outside the country including international level.

创建者 Eugene S G

Sep 24, 2016

I am much excited to partake in this course and it has really improved my worth. i strongly recommend it everyone. A very big THANK YOU to the coursera team for such an initiative and also to the Agriculture faculty of university of western of western Australia for such a partnership. i am very grateful, looking forward to work with you. BRAVO!!!

创建者 AKHIL A 1

Jun 20, 2020

This course will connect the journey of agriculture with a subject like economics to interact with the nature as a whole. it promotes the value of awareness, prevention, conservation and sustainable actions towards a healthy environment with a balanced management of economic ideas towards the development of the mankind.