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Air Pollution – a Global Threat to our Health, 哥本哈根大学

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We all have to breathe to live. But the air we breathe is polluted both outdoors and indoors. Each year, this pollution costs 7 million lives across the globe – and a lot of suffering. 1 in 8 deaths is due to air pollution. This course will provide you with an introduction to the most recent research in the field of health effects of air pollution as well as a broader understanding of sources and spread of air pollution and what we should do about it. What is air pollution? What are the sources? How and where are we exposed outdoors and indoors? What happens in the body? Which diseases are the result? Who are the most vulnerable? How can we assess the effects of air pollution? And what should we do to reach the Sustainable Development Goal to “substantially reduce the number of deaths and illnesses from hazardous chemicals and air, water and soil pollution”? These are some of the important questions we will address in the course. During the course you will meet researchers and experts from the University of Copenhagen and the Technical University of Denmark. They work with different aspects of air pollution and health: toxicology, exposure assessment, epidemiology, engineering and health impact assessment. It is a global responsibility to combat the health impacts of air pollution, and this fight can only be won through new knowledge and global collaboration. We hope you will join us in the course and equip yourself to take part in this global and individual health challenge....


创建者 ES

May 27, 2018

First online course. Great lectures. good quizes. The discussions also are essential and important. Hope to do more courses.

创建者 HJ

Jan 12, 2018

Good course to know about the air pollution threat and effects on health


17 个审阅

创建者 Rahul Vasishtha

Nov 25, 2018

Amazing course. Gained knowledge through this practical intensive course


Nov 14, 2018

Very informative

创建者 Afaq Ahmad

Nov 04, 2018

First step to resolve the problem is to realize there is one, same with air pollution the course teaches about health effects in most detailed way paving the way toward solutions. I was weak in health related consequences. In engineering institutions the air pollution courses mostly revolves around solutions not consequences. I think it would be better if someone completely understand the problem them move to the solution.


Oct 08, 2018

It is an amazing course

创建者 jayakumar16

Aug 29, 2018

It gives immense awareness regarding Air pollution

创建者 Abhishek Gupta

Jun 21, 2018

Good introductory course on air pollution and its health impact. Content is well described.


Jun 10, 2018

A well designed course and would be really interested undertake more such courses.

创建者 Evaristo De Souza

May 27, 2018

First online course. Great lectures. good quizes. The discussions also are essential and important. Hope to do more courses.

创建者 Maha Ibrahim

Mar 03, 2018

I enjoyed this course, informative and comprehensive!

创建者 Linda Abdelall

Feb 25, 2018

The assignments regard very practical issues and have very insightful questions. A good start point to have a geenral overview or outdoor and indoor air pollution.