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One of the skills that characterizes great business data analysts is the ability to communicate practical implications of quantitative analyses to any kind of audience member. Even the most sophisticated statistical analyses are not useful to a business if they do not lead to actionable advice, or if the answers to those business questions are not conveyed in a way that non-technical people can understand. In this course you will learn how to become a master at communicating business-relevant implications of data analyses. By the end, you will know how to structure your data analysis projects to ensure the fruits of your hard labor yield results for your stakeholders. You will also know how to streamline your analyses and highlight their implications efficiently using visualizations in Tableau, the most popular visualization program in the business world. Using other Tableau features, you will be able to make effective visualizations that harness the human brain’s innate perceptual and cognitive tendencies to convey conclusions directly and clearly. Finally, you will be practiced in designing and persuasively presenting business “data stories” that use these visualizations, capitalizing on business-tested methods and design principles....



Jul 04, 2016

Thanks very much for great content and especially, Ms. Jana Schaich Borg for brilliant presentation skills, lovely voice and good looking as well. Please participate. This is highly recommend course.


Nov 07, 2018

I was pleased by the quality of this course. I really learned how to use tableau and the tips on researching and presenting were well founded. The teachers were positive and hard working. Thank you!


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创建者 Samer A H

Mar 18, 2016


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Mar 11, 2016


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Feb 17, 2016


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Dec 22, 2015



Apr 12, 2017

I am a working professional in the field of data analytics where in Tableau is one of the application we use it on a daily basis. My motive for taking this course is to learn some more innovative techniques that are used by professionals in tableau but the fact was there is nothing new for me to learn here in terms of techniques. I would say this course suits best for a beginner but not for someone who already has some lineage with tableau.


1. Hourglass model is one of the things I liked the most.

2. Final project submission is really challenging and which help me to learn lot of new things.


1. Weekly tests are very lengthy

2. Every once can get 100% not a big deal by trial and error

3. Most of the questions in the weekly course are very subjective and cannot have a single correct answer. We had to retake the test again and again to get 100% due to subjective questions

However this course has definitely changed my way of looking into data and the way we decipher it. I am looking forward to continue and take more coursers to be a the part of this esteemed analytics community.

创建者 Benjamin C

Jun 08, 2016

Prof. Jana S. Borg is the simply the best! Every lecture material (videos/exercises/final project) is carefully crafted to optimize student's learning experience. She's made the learning fun and that's not easy to do!

Now, let's talk about the reason why I didn't give this course a full 5-star rating.... It's the students! As you might already know, this class requires us to put together a 5-minute screencast video that will demonstrate our understanding in 1) Tableau, 2) Business Analytics and 3) Presentation skills. Unfortunately, most of the students only care about the first one while blatantly ignoring the other two. And that makes the grading process a pain in the..errr.... you know what!

Another important reminder. Be sure to submit the final project days before the deadline. Otherwise, you might be at risk of not getting graded by 3 other students! On the forum, a student claimed that she was forced to join this session because she couldn't get 3 peers to grade her project TWO SESSIONS ago! The horror!


Feb 01, 2020

Excellent at teaching how to tell a story through digital media and Tableau. The principles provided were concise and accurate, the examples to the point and clear.

The Tableau technical side is more of an intermediate level. I believe that supplemental material could have been provided to cover the basics in short but enlightening bits, (i.e. ehow style), and let the professor explain the strategic use of the tool for business and the business analysis side, which she can provide more value within the time allotted.

创建者 Jenny H

Apr 23, 2018

It was a great course. Although Week 1 and Week 4 are not too much about Tableau, Week 2 and Week 3 are really helpful. They covered many things in Tableau and the examples are interesting and easy to follow. The exercises and final project are a little difficult. I spent lots of time to work on those. This is a good introductory course on Tableau, but after this, I think I need to take some more courses or watch more videos to get to a working level skill with Tableau.

创建者 Pratima P A

Jun 19, 2020

i liked the course very much helped me a lot to learn tableau but the only problem i faced was i could not use the tableau software key which was provided in the course material and which insisted to use the web page to access the code and could not do that ,i tried a lot to get but ended up wit the web page error ,i m not sure if i did the right way or not

otherwise the course is amazing to learn tableau its fun and interesting

创建者 Ajai G G

Nov 18, 2016

Very steep learning curve switching from the videos and lectures to the final assignment. But enjoyed the challenge. Relevant links to learn specific topics on the tool would have been helpful. Interesting data sets to work with (Salary & Dognition) and challenging problem statement. If the intention is to learn Tableau as a tool then I would not recommend this course. Part of my expectation was this also, hence only 4 stars.

创建者 Mauricio L

Dec 13, 2015

Great course. Very informative. I am a marine biologist, but we also struggle with the same type of problems in properly presenting our data in effective and engaging ways. This course is very helpful in giving ideas on how to do this better. I also introduced me to new software in Tableau which is pretty impressive. But it is yet another program to try and learn which may be a deterrent to some.

创建者 Ioanna K

Nov 28, 2018

Useful course, that provides you the fundamentals, especially if you have never used , Tableau software. Also useful presentation tips are included in the course , relevant at any job field. Highly recommended.!!I have also completed the first course of this specialization and found it a little weak- course did not have a lively pace- but this one is totally different, and much more fun!

创建者 Sanjay M

Dec 23, 2015

Really liked the course. Very well designed and carried away. The only thing I wasn't too happy was the final project as the data was not easy to understand. As a beginner when we have to focus more on Tableau related features, I ended up spending more time understanding the data which didn't really help me. Otherwise, it was a good course. Surely, it put me on a fast track for Tableau.

创建者 Guo X W

Jun 17, 2020

This is my favourite course of the specialisation so far. However, I would have loved more focus on Tableau. Only 2 of 5 weeks of this course is dedicated to teaching Tableau functions - which I found a little disappointing. I understand that the final assignment is deliberately meant to be open-ended but I would have appreciated more guidance and direction.

创建者 Niyazi E D

Jun 25, 2020

This course was quite good. I learned a lot about Tableau and business presentations in general. Nevertheless, the instructor talks a little too fast. Sound quality isn't the best either. I imagine that this specialisation and course would be 5/5 if there would be a new take on it in 2020. Thanks regardless.

创建者 Ville P

Dec 31, 2015

Good brush on Tableau. Great that the course included a 6 mo license to Tableau Desktop!

However while more complex topics where touched, they were rushed also. An extra week or two at the more advanced stuff would've been beneficial. Some of the quizzes also were a bit silly and focusing on minor things.

创建者 Çağsun A

Feb 05, 2016

The material is very interesting with well-made videos. Great course to get an introduction to Tableau.

The downside for me was that some videos were rushed with as they had too much content, and quizzes could be much better, I found the questions not really up-to-par with the course content.

创建者 Dhananjay P

Mar 15, 2016

Excellent class to learn to visualize data using Tableau, I feel a lot more confident about using Tableau and its features. The final exam project was excellent. On a constructive note-- I wish they had a couple more videos or Pdf guides to format a presentation.

Well done Instructors

创建者 Nicole P

Dec 12, 2015

Professor is engaging and I am happy there are so many video lectures, it is really nice and you feel you are genuinely progressing. Quizzes are very tough though and this course requires a lot of dedication and some frequent repeats of the videos to understand the material.

创建者 Jonathan M U

Jul 05, 2020

The amount of time spent in the course for teaching soft skill on presentation style is, in my opinion, too much. The data visualization part is very well organized and presented, with enough examples and guidance towards the practical exercises.

创建者 Shelley Q

Oct 16, 2018

really great, but would appreciate if there are more data sets provided (best if with hints and guidance along the way) for students to practice with! However, the existing material is already great for a short course. thanks!

创建者 Chester J

Oct 07, 2017

Good course. The instructor is never boring and taught well. However, some tiny details are missed out in the tableau tutorials that caused students' visualisations to be slightly different. Had to dig forums to find answer.

创建者 Aishwarya N

May 05, 2020

Absolutely a great course for those who want to explore data analytics through Tableau. If you are a complete novice like me, it will take a bit of getting used to but overall this course is an excellent starting point!

创建者 Jose M G L

Dec 28, 2015

Great course, very comprehensive but in the other hand challenging to keep you engaged in learning and self discover about your "real" data samples.

I'll continue with the specialization, thanks Duke University.

创建者 Joel P

Apr 25, 2017

Not bad, some tests are too difficult, specially to understand the right questions. Materials are good but some details make the expereince not so good. However, overall is a good course!