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学生对 矿业-电信学院联盟 提供的 Getting started with Augmented Reality 的评价和反馈

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This course will teach you the basics of developing mobile applications using Mixed and Augmented Reality (MAR) technologies. Through hands-on projects, you’ll learn practical techniques to rapidly and easily prototype three different applications for Android smartphones and tablets – even with no previous coding experience. If you’re a creative entrepreneur, this is your ideal introduction to today’s trends in the products and technologies of the emerging augmented reality market. If you’re a journalist, media/content producer or teacher, you’ll discover how to augment print-based media with sounds, images and videos, and see how to create an augmented city map and geo-located augmented reality game for your audience. If you’re a web designer or app developer, you’ll gain a range of technological building blocks that you can integrate into your service portfolio. Whatever your background, you’ll learn how to design cutting-edge visual experiences that will enhance your job prospects. What you’ll learn • All about the main MAR products and technologies on the market today • How to build three different augmented reality applications using an augmented reality browser and authoring tools • How to include image recognition and object tracking • How to use geolocation functionality for outdoor augmented reality • Details of the ISO-ARAF standard, an innovative language for representing augmented reality content Prerequisites • You don’t need any prior technical knowledge to take this course. • If you’re familiar with markup languages (HTML, XML, etc) and content management systems, you may be more at ease with the key concepts and techniques. This MOOC is supported by the Patrick and Lina Drahi Foundation. Follow us! Twitter : Facebook :



Dec 10, 2016

Excellent course! The instructors are very terse and accurately teach the necessary elements to learn how to build and design an AR application. Well done.


Oct 23, 2016

This course was a wonderful intro to mixed and augmented reality. Thank you all so much.


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创建者 Nadya S

Mar 1, 2017

This was the first found by me AR course (I was seaking others but they were theoritical) that teaches you how do the things by your own hands. I am writing this review a half year after completing it, being invited to become a mentor, comlpeting the course for mentors and starting to help online to the instructors. It is a pleasure to see how the things happens, especially if you are not an ICT specialist. If you overcome the stress from the first meeting with the code in the second week, you would be able to complete the course. But you should devote enought time to do the practical tasks. I am not an ICT specialist. In the real life I am an architect. Honestly to say, in beginning I was doing for some hours the things that were sceduled for 10 minutes. Shame or not, my first meeting with the code took me 4 hours, then 3, 2, one, and in the last weeks I was able to complete the tasks for the recommended time. The instructors upload examples and the students their work in a gallery, done especially for this course . I am writing this review to say thank you to the instructors for revealing the process of creating AR in real. I would be happy if more people start to use this technology. This course will help you to do your initial steps to this.

创建者 shreyas s

Sep 30, 2017

Will take lots of time for completion as the files are really large and we need to set up lots of link but at the end, the hard work would be fruitful. Week 5 went really very fast. Would ask other people to get some basic idea of VRML by the time you are doing this course. Very innovative and one of its kind course.

Would love to develop some cool AR based applications.

创建者 Alexander G

Dec 15, 2016

Very qualitative entry -level course in AR ! This Course pushed me to look at AR from certain aspects and look at more additional information in internet concerning extending my own mobile applications with AR functionality. Looking at recommended AR browser I also came to Ionic-Cordova cross-platform framework. Thank you very much for your efforts! Merci beaucoup

创建者 Martin S

Oct 24, 2016

This was an excellent introduction to various types of AR application and how to build them. The balance between using end-user tools and programming was great for me: I was able to build working AR apps easily using the end-user tools, but enough exposure to the code to satisfy my inner- geek. I now have an understanding of what resources would be needed to de

创建者 arulvenugopal

Jun 20, 2017

This course provides a good introduction to AR. Its well structured, for starters like myself, and provides an initial AR experience using authoring tool to understand. Later, how to further code without authoring tool. In fact, I have developed interest in creating an augmented book using GPAC, adding 3D objects (W.I.P). I strongly recommend this course.

创建者 Ana B S

Mar 10, 2017

This course introduces a relatively innovative technology, very easy to implement in many contexts (business, education, leisure...). Sometimes the lessons could be clearer, but the instructors give almost instant feedback to any question they are posed. The tasks are well balanced between regular assignments and honors assignments.


Jan 15, 2017

This is just an amazing course on a most talked-about technology of these days, and the teachers make it so easy to understand the concepts. And at the end you HAVE BUILT something real!

创建者 Al B

Dec 11, 2016

Excellent course! The instructors are very terse and accurately teach the necessary elements to learn how to build and design an AR application. Well done.

创建者 Gabriel B

Dec 18, 2016

Very nice course with good materials and videos to understand the basic of Augmented Reality applications using the Araf.

创建者 Nathan G

Oct 24, 2016

This course was a wonderful intro to mixed and augmented reality. Thank you all so much.

创建者 Sridhar S

May 5, 2017

Perfect course material to make learners familiar with the Augmented Reality framework.

创建者 Genadijs M

Jul 12, 2017

thank you, very interesting and digestable for the non-technical person

创建者 Tinsae G D

Oct 30, 2016

The course is awesome and i like the way the instructors used to teach.

创建者 Sudarshana S

Oct 21, 2016

Great opportunity to get started with augmented reality!

创建者 Georgios D

Nov 17, 2016

Very Interesting Introduction to Augmented Reality

创建者 Rondell

May 26, 2017

Great beginner's course into the world of AR.

创建者 Tirthak P

Mar 9, 2019

Best teachers with great creative content!

创建者 Saksham S

Jan 5, 2018

This is a fantastic course for begineers.

创建者 Nova G

Dec 18, 2016

I love the entire course. Thank you🙇

创建者 Rohini

Sep 19, 2017

Good course for the beginners

创建者 Nishanth P

Oct 18, 2017

Its awesome THANKS coursera

创建者 K'Wi

Apr 1, 2017

thanks you

i love ot

创建者 Miguel A P C

Mar 8, 2017

Very useful.

创建者 David A

Jun 15, 2017

I love it.

创建者 Venkata R

Sep 7, 2018