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Chemical biology is a burgeoning field that has rapidly risen to prominence. This surge of interest has been fuelled by chemical biology’s applicability to understanding critical processes in live cells or model organisms in real time. This success has arisen because chemical biology straddles a nexus between chemistry, biology, and physics. Thus, chemical biology can harness rapid chemistry to observe or perturb biological processes, that are in turn reported using physical assays, all in an otherwise unperturbed living entity. Although its boundaries are endless, the multidisciplinary nature of chemical biology can make the field seem daunting; we beg to differ! Here, we deconstruct chemical biology into its core components, and repackage the material. In the process we build up for each student a practical and theoretical knowledge bank that will set these students on their way to understanding and designing their own chemical biology experiments. We will discuss fluorescence as a general language used to read out biological phenomena as diverse as protein localization, membrane tension, surface phenomena, and enzyme activity. We will proceed to discuss protein labeling strategies and fusion protein design. Then we will discuss larger and larger scale chemical biology mechanism and screening efforts. Highlights include a large amount of new data, tailored in the lab videos, and a large number of skilled presenters....



Dec 12, 2021

Amazing instuctors! Fabulous course, albeit challenging. I'd recommend it for those with a solid backgroud on related fields: Biophysics, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Biology, Genetics, etc.


Dec 2, 2020

With due respect sir, I would like to say you that I have problem with the quiz system. I can't tell which on of my answer is right or wrong. Please sir, mark the right anwers in green


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创建者 Muaz F

Dec 3, 2020

With due respect sir, I would like to say you that I have problem with the quiz system. I can't tell which on of my answer is right or wrong. Please sir, mark the right anwers in green

创建者 Roger P

Dec 4, 2020

I'm afraid I abandoned this course after a couple of weeks because I was finding the balance between reading material and video content to be skewed towards the reading, with much of this not being discussed further in the lectures. I've done many online courses and I like them because of the lectures - if I wanted to read lots of stuff then I could choose a textbook.

创建者 Lorenzo T I

Nov 1, 2020

If you want to be updated on the new biochemical techniques to study metabolic processes in a cell, this course is a great resource. A good background in Organic Chemistry will help you understand well the principles of the techniques presented.

创建者 Karen C

Mar 8, 2021

I knew from the start this would be over my head, and boy, it sure was. But that’s one of the benefits of moocs: you can take a class that’s a little beyond your grasp, take away as much as you can, and save the rest as aspirational motivation. For my purposes, it was a great success.

I spent 51 hours on site rather than the 21 hours predicted, but some of that is because of an obsession with note-taking. And I passed, though I probably didn't deserve to purely on the basis of knowledge retained (good test-taking skills, that obsessive note-taking, and a lot of persistence paid off).

FMI I posted about the course on my personal website:

创建者 Alvaro F L

Jul 12, 2021

Very insightful and interesting course, and provides new perspectives on the potential applications of chemistry in biological research. This course also emphasizes the importance of chemical innovation in designing more efficient and versatile biological research tools that may help to unravel new findings in biochemistry and biology in general.

创建者 Roshen R I

Nov 16, 2020

Very challenging yet interesting topic. This is 21st century science towards revolutionizing Systems Biology and other science fields

创建者 Shreyasi R C

May 24, 2021

An amazing course with the right amount of difficulty level, challenging test patterns seeking the accurate grasp of concepts, a very well planned course structure, the mind-blowing delivery of lectures, and presentation of course material! Indeed so immensely privileged and grateful to have found this opportunity to learn the foundations of my dream research domain, online from some of the best Professors and Researchers from Universit�� de Gen��ve, EPFL (École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne), etc., imparting education so magnificently, through practical and theoretical content, so well provided on this platform! I admit putting in a lot of effort behind completing this but with more and more euphoria and interest every time, in contrary to ideas of chilled and laidback vibes of general online courses with very flexible schedules. I am also immensely thankful to Coursera and my Alma Mater Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur for providing us with such platforms to continue learning and never stop aiming high, even through these extremely challenging times. It indeed felt like one-to-one mentoring, thanks to Prof. Robbie Loewith and Prof Marcus J. C. Long. Elated and excited for more learning! Chemical Biology <3

创建者 Joshua M N Q

Jan 16, 2021

The course gives in-depth lessons about the application of chemical laboratory techniques and analysis to manipulate, study, and design biological systems. In addition to this, the quizzes are practically challenging that they will truly test your understanding of each module. I will definitely consider a career path in this field as it allows to solve problems arising from the interface of chemistry and biology.

创建者 Abdullah A N

Jan 9, 2022

Excellent primer on chemical biology. Although the course contents were biased towards the instructors' own research, I found it common in chemical biology teachings. But they presented a rather comprehensive introduction to chemical biology within this 6-week-long course. Many thanks to the instructors for excellent presentation of the background and showing practical applications.

创建者 Olajide A

Aug 11, 2021

This is by far the most challenging course I have ever enrolled in on coursera, it made me think and be analytical about my thoughts. I am glad I got to finish it because it unlocked a new part of me. I really learnt a lot of new techniques which are/will be beneficial to my research. Kudos!!! to all the instructors.

创建者 Matthew B

Dec 12, 2021

Amazing instuctors! Fabulous course, albeit challenging. I'd recommend it for those with a solid backgroud on related fields: Biophysics, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Biology, Genetics, etc.

创建者 Sebastian B

Apr 2, 2021

Un curso interesante, que reúne múltiples conceptos física, química y biología para poder darnos un mejor entendimiento del mundo nanométrico y de su gran importancia. Muy recomendable

创建者 Luis A N B

Jul 23, 2021

Wonderful and fascinating course, an excellent introduction to the field of Chemical Biology. I feel really fortunate to learn from this great team of professors. Thank you very much!

创建者 Ghadeer

Dec 24, 2020

Amazing course, the best one i enrolled in so far here, very well build and got used to the simple fantastic teaching of Dr. Marcus Long, glad to have spent time studying this topic

创建者 Halah

Aug 16, 2021

A comprehensive and challenging course. An excellent overview of many chem bio concepts and offers a deeper understanding of powerful tools to use in the lab.

创建者 Emir O

Jun 11, 2021

An excelent course, full of interesting content and complex lessons that will contirbute to my research.

创建者 Luis A M C

Dec 1, 2021

V​ery nice for a biotechnologist or pharmacology akine engineers

创建者 Lucie P

Apr 13, 2021

I loved this course. Full of interesting topics!

创建者 Mmabale D M

Jun 14, 2021


创建者 Mary F

Sep 9, 2021

As a former instructor of these topics, I​ was excited to start this course and catch up on what is new in biology, chemistry, and physics. While I learned quite a bit I found myself growing more and more frustrated as the course progressed. Several times I wanted to just quit but kept hoping things would get better. Comments were made in lectures..."As we saw in a/the previous module..." about topics that had not been covered. Questions were asked on quizzes on concepts that were not covered or only briefly alluded to. This required much research outide of class to pass the quizzes. So, yes, I learned a lot, but I am glad that I didn't pay for a certificate and I wouldn't recommend this class unless one has a strong foundation in organic chemistry, cellular biology, microbiology, and biochemistry. The physics was covered adequately for what was used.