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Understanding the clinical terms and abbreviations commonly used during verbal or written communication in U.S. hospitals is challenging. This course is designed for U.S. health care profession students and for international students and practitioners who want to become more familiar with the language of the U.S. clinical setting. Others, such as caregivers and medical interpreters, who wish to develop a better understanding of terms and abbreviations used by health care providers will find this course helpful. The course provides visual and auditory learning experiences to enhance the understanding of terms and abbreviations commonly encountered on a general U.S. hospital unit. All content including quizzes are available at no cost to the learner. If you need a certificate, you can apply for financial aid or pay the fee. To find out more, click Learn more and apply next to the information about Financial Aid. (Use a computer, not a mobile device, for this step.)...


Jan 1, 2018

This course was really helpful. I took notes and will review them often to keep abreast with the medical terms. These will also help me communicate clinically with my PCP. I truly enjoyed this course!

Apr 15, 2019

The instructor's calm and clear explanations make this a joy to watch.\n\nThis course is very useful for me as a medical product translator to get an understanding of the actual clinical environment.


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创建者 jeana w

Sep 5, 2020

Interactive practical relevant

创建者 Samantha G

Apr 28, 2020

good program and teaches alot

创建者 Chelsea

Jan 6, 2021

Great for nursing students

创建者 Stephanie

Mar 23, 2019

Thorough and comprehensive

创建者 Nguyen H L

Apr 26, 2020

Very very helpful,

创建者 Kareem a m d

Nov 15, 2017

very good course

创建者 Isha S

Jul 7, 2020

very insightful

创建者 Catarina F

Aug 24, 2017

good reminder

创建者 Eman E

Oct 4, 2020


创建者 Larissa A d L

Jun 30, 2020


创建者 Tajbibi S

Jan 28, 2021


创建者 JOSH E

Oct 2, 2020

not bad

创建者 Mohammed M S M

May 18, 2021


创建者 Badria M A

Jun 26, 2021


创建者 Chitra W

Oct 21, 2017


创建者 Naomi L

Jul 30, 2020

It was definitely informative, but it would help if the medical dictionary had the words in it that they want you to look up in these lessons. Also several times I would try to look up a word with an asterisk in the PRS list and would be unable to find any part of the word in the list. My mother (who has worked in hospitals several times in her life and is familiar with medical terminology) couldn't find any part of some of those words in the list. It would also be extremely helpful if you could have some way of knowing what you got wrong in a quiz. Several times there would be a problem with several answers that seemed to be the same but with different wording, or there was a question in the beginning asking who the doctor is speaking to (the answer was not immediately clear and the question had nothing to do with medical terminology) and when it was marked wrong you had no way that I could find of discovering why your answer was wrong.

创建者 Christina N

Aug 28, 2019

Some of the shorthand used in this course is not relevant in the clinical setting. The videos in week 6 were also cringy in the way the nurses handled the pt and how they carried out the procedures. The way they did things would be flagged immediately in the clinical setting.

Overall though it was a decent learning experience to add to my knowledge of clinical terms, and is a good basic introduction to what you will hear while working in a clinical setting.

创建者 Juan G R

Aug 24, 2019

the recordings on most of the quizzes and practice quizzes were not working no matter the computer I was on or the browser I was using. Aprt from that I found the course to be very useful and interesting.

创建者 Jamese R N

Feb 8, 2021

It's not really what I expected. I am not sure who the target audience is supposed to be. I think it is for healthcare workers who are relocating to the US for work.

创建者 Gavyn T

Aug 10, 2020

A lot less info than I would've thought, and some occasional typos and errors. The PRS list hardly helpful at all.

创建者 Amani A A

Aug 14, 2018

this is a very superficial course. it was very helpful but it lacked depth and continuity

创建者 shriyadixit

Apr 20, 2020

i complete all course not get certificate soo annoying this thing i dont like it !